Voggebreen return (1570 meters above sea level)

Map borrowed from Hodlekve Ski Centre.

April 1987 (??)
15 km (??)

Three first pictures taken with my own old camera. Final five pictures taken with my uncle's camera.

I spent all my easter holidays from I was born until I moved to Scotland mostly in Sogndalsdalen at a farm with my grand parents. I did a lot of long skiing back then on my own or with with my family. The longest and without doubt the best skiing tour I have ever done is this tour, the Voggebreen tour. I did it with my uncle and we were followed by our father halfway up this trek (he was our sherpa at this tour).
I don't remember much of this tour, but I will try to piece together most of it in this report.

The three of us started out from Hodlekve Ski Centre at around 400 meters above sea level early in the morning for this long trek up towards the first hill called Hogehaug. We kept a good tempo up the well prepared ski trail to Hogehaug where we bade our farewell to my father. Me and my uncle continued down a small hill and in to the dam at Trastadalen where the main climb started. First to to the left and then crossing up to the main ridge towards Synnevaskjer.

Trastadalen below from the ridge leading to Synnevaskjer

Voggebreen in the far distance

This climb was pretty long up this not too steep hill. The views was fantastic though with Myrdalen deep below to the left and Trastadalen deep below to the right. We reached the drop off point at this ridge where a descent down to a small valley followed.

Voggebreen from Synnevaskjer

The descent was a bit hairy on stiff legs. The climb up to Myrdalsbreen was steep too. We were now on a glacier and very exposed to the sun. It was a fantastic experience.

Myself on Myrdalsbreen with Voggebreen in the distance

The final climb from Myrdalsbreen to Voggebreen was pretty hard. I guess the whole tour from Hodlekve to Voggebreen took us around 3-4 hours and this was my personal Mount Everest. On skiis, it still is. We spent half an hour up there before we turned around and went down the same way again.

Myself at Voggebreen, 1570 meters above sea level

My uncle at Voggebreen with Laugavatnet deep below

Myself at Myrdalsbreen with Synnevaskjer in the background

Myself at Trastadalen

The return to Hodlekve was pretty hard on stiff legs and burst lungs. I was very tired when I was down in Hodlekve again. I was also very proud of what I had achieved. I still is, actually.


This is the big classic ski trek in the Sogndalsdalen area. It is a fabelous and very varied ski trek which I highly recommend. Unfortunate, my uncle passed away some years ago, far too young. I would therefore like to dedicate this report to him. Thank you for this experience.