Skiing in Vestmarka 1972 - 1994

1972 - 1994
5 - 35 km

I grew up in Lier, a small valley between Oslo and Drammen. I grew up in a family who loved skiing. Back then and before this global warming really took hold, there was plenty of snow in my area.We always went on pretty long treks on Sundays. A tradition I have mostly kept when I am doing bike riding too.
Vestmarka is a part of the huge Nordmarka (Oslomarka) area just North and North-West of Oslo. It is a pretty vast area of whom I only used the area between Tranby (where I lived) and Sandungen. All treks started from Tranby or Kraft and went over to Solli and/or Store Sandungen.

I had a pretty bad camera back in around 1989 and I brought it with me one day to take some pictures. I was a bit clueless with a camera and overly ambitious. But I hope these pictures gives you an idea about this area and my time in Vestmarka.


I am extremely grateful towards my parents who instilled this touring ethos in me. I went on my bike while my parents and my siblings are still skiing and trekking around in Vestmarka and other places. I also had a fantastic childhood and my time in Vestmarka was very valuable to me. If I ever get children, I will also instil in them this touring ethos. I think it is a very important ethos.