A quick climb of Teigafjellet, 1000 meters above sea level

mid 1980s or so...

I spent most of my summer holdays in Sogndalsdalen, Norway from I was newly born to 1991 when I got other interests. My father was pretty much interested in trekking and decided that an afternoon trek up to the top of Teigafjellet above the house we stayed in was a good idea. I was press ganged into action as his company on this trek. I was not too pleased, but I was OK with it.

We set off that afternoon with good shoes and a small rucksack with some food and drink. The climb up the forest was pretty vertical until we reached a good path which zig zagged itself up the hill to a small disused cabin.

At this cabin with the valley deep below

We continued up a broad ridge past several false summits before we arrived at the top of Teigafjellet where we had some food.

Myself with the food at the top of Teigafjellet

We returned down to the valley again the same way.


Memories from a time that will never return. My father is still alive, but I no longer have any connections to that area. I got these photos from my mother and wanted to publish them. No less and no more. Pictures was taken by my father and with his camera, btw.