The Sorumsand ride

July 1992
110 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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In 1990, I moved to Oslo to do some university studies. My bike was with me and I did some nice bikerides. Oslo is/was not the easiest town to do bikerides in or from. Heavy traffic and a lot of steep hills was a bit of a problem. Oslo is a very hilly town, rising from the seafront to over 150 meters in a matter of a few kilometers. But I got some tours together in an area I did not know at all. I like to expand my horizons and the bike is my tool to do so.
I had explored this area before on my rides over Gjelleraasen. I really wanted to explore this area more with a longer ride. Some map reading followed in my flat and I ended up with this ride.

It was a pretty warm morning when I set off from Sogn Studentby where I lived back then. I took some backroads Grefsen before I ended up on the cycle path taking me up the major motorway called RV 4 through the Oslo suburbs. I knew this road well by now and I made good progress up the hill to the top of the hill at Gjelleråsen. I continued down this rather busy road and a vertical descent to the valley floor below. Just before Nittedal, I took the smaller FV401 down to the valley floor and over a bridge. The climb up past Nittedal church was vertical. The road became medium undulating through some forest and along farmfields until I arrived at a major crossroad again. I continued through that crossroad on FV383 and arrived at a small town called Skedsmokorset. I continued up a steep hill on the same road and over a small hill. The road dropped down the hill and on a bridge over the major E6 down to a village called Frogner. I now took the 171 road towards Sorumsand . The road was pretty flat all the way to Sørumsand which has also given the name to this route. Before arriving in this town, I cycled over a big bridge over Norway's longest river; Glomma. I continued my journey through this large village and chose the 171 road down the east side of Glomma. The road was very undulating at places with some hills to be crossed. Not the most interesting bikeriding, but I was pleased to explore this area. I got my just reward for all the hard climbing in these hills with the vertical descent down to the bridge at Fetsund on which I crossed Glomma again over to the westside. The flat road took me in to Lillestrøm again. I continued straight through this town and over Rælingen and the road number 159 back to Oslo again. I passed over Sinsenkrysset again and back to my flat at Sogn Studentby again.


This is the best ride out of Oslo to the east in my opinion and one I would like to do again. It is a serious tour with a lot of short, sharp climbs. Some of the roads are also exposed to wind and general weather. It is a sunshine tour only. But it is a cracking good ride and recommended.