Fishing in Sjøvegan

1 day fishing tour
60 km
May 1989

I spent the whole of 1989 in the Norwegian army. 9 months of it up in the north, 2000 km from home. I brought with me my bike and a fishing rod. I did two tours out to Sjøvegan. I am here describing the first one.
I scouted the map for some possible salt-water fishing and found this place. It was 30 km away. I have never ever cycled so far on a fishing trip as I did here.

Please note that the bad quality of the pictures is both due to my incompetence as a photograph and the bad quality of the camera.

The climb took me up to a small lake and up a small valley to a hill overlooking the Salangen valley. The road descended vertically into the valley down to a cross road. I took the road down the valley to Sjøvegan. The road was moderate undulating with a long climb just before this village. At his village, I took the road down to the fjord and then the road towards Lavangen for one kilometre. At a small crossroad, I took the 10 kilometres long dirt road out to Rotvika. A small climb took me out over a lake and then down to the sea at Rotvika. I chose to rig up the fishing rod at this boulder. Within a minute, I got a cod. I was so shocked that I almost lost it. The cods was around 1 kilo heavy. I got a lot of fish, but nothing bigger.

Some good fishing at Rotvik.

But the fishing was good fun. The views was fantastic and I wish I could enjoy it some more. But I was restless and wanted to see some more of the area. I cycled a bit further and took these photos.

Looking at Langlitinden (1277 meters above sea level) and the Andorja island.

Looking south towards Rolla and Harstad.

I returned to Setermoen the same road. Although 60 km long, this was a good tour. I have to admit that I preferred the cycling tour. But this tour page now also include a fishing trip in addition to cycling, golf, train and bus journeys. Not bad !