A nice round of golf at the Dullatur Antonine GC

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17th May 2006

This too is a tour...... with a difference.
I worked in a computer company in Greenock when I took up golf. That saved my life because I was then 180 kg heavy and dying. I was bitten by the golf bug and rapidly lost a lot of weight. That saved my life. Scientific research has now proven that golf is a very good form of physical training.
I soon gave up the notion to become a good golfer. I am playing some competitions, but my whole idea of golf is to get a long, healthy life. I play golf because I want to become old & happy.
The 17th of May is the Norwegian national day and I got the day off work. It did not take me many minutes to find out how to spend it. A Norwegian king is buried somewhere on or around Rothesay golf course and I organised myself into a one man search party. Although 1000 years after his disappearance, but it is never too late to do a good thing for my fatherland !

This is why I found myself on a bus down to Paisley with my golf bag. The weather was far from perfect, but that did not matter when carrying out my duty for my fatherland.
I did the 40 minutes long train journey to Wemyss Bay and the ferry over to Rothesay on Isle Of Bute.

The car-deck on the Wemyss Bay to Rothesay ferry.

I disembarked from the ferry after a 35 minutes long journey and stopped over in Rothesay for a breakfast. I then took a cab up to the course for the tee off.

This page is not a report about golf. It is a tour report from a day around this golf course. But just for the record: I played the course in around 100 strokes. But who cares ? I don't (although 100 strokes on this course is very good).
The following photos is from this round of golf and I let them speak for themselves. Some of them are probably out of sequence. I refer to the official golf club website for a proper course guide

The first fairway at hole 1.

From the hill at the 5th hole overlooking the 6th fairway.

Looking down the 7th fairway.

Looking down the east coast of Isle Of Bute and Great Cumbrae.

The infamous 8th hole, par 3.

Looking back towards the mainland.

The ferry approaching Rothesay

Rothesay from the golf course.

Looking back towards the mainland.

Overlooking Sound Of Bute and Loch Striven.

Looking towards the north of Isle Of Bute and some good farmlands

The last hole and the clubhouse

Well, all good things has to end and I said my farewells to the very nice staff in the clubhouse and walked down to the Rothesay again. I did not find our lost king though. This disappointment of letting my country down was hard to take, but I had a nice round of golf. The descent was steep down to the Norwegian Castle now occupied by the Scots. I armed myself with some golf clubs and was planning to retake the castle and fly the Norwegian flat over this castle again.

The Norwegian castle, now occupied by the Scots.

But the admission fee of 2.50 put me off that idea. After this, the second betrayal of my fatherland of the day, I wandered into the town again for some sightseeing. I really like Rothesay and I am sorry that my pictures do not it any justice whatsoever.
I took the ferry back again to the mainland and took some pictures from this ferry.

From the ferry, looking back at Rothesay and the clubhouse (up on the hill)


Rothesay and Isle Of Bute

Just passing Toward Point at Cowal Peninsula

Looking down the mainland towards Skelmorlie and Largs

I returned back to Paisley after a nice tour out. Golf courses like Rothesay is one of the best reasons why those who love the outdoors should take up golf. The green fee is reasonable. The golf and the views superb. Despite of a couple of minutes of rain, I had a nice day out.

I am rated 50 million places below Tiger Woods on the world ranking, but golf courses like this still makes golf a very funny and healthy activity. I cannot recommend golf highly enough.