Ringevond "Nattverd" CD (Edgerunner)

A good Black Metal album shot dead by a bad production must be the conclusion here. Ringevond from Norway is a good band and it is possible to detect that this album is going somewhere, but the sound is killing this album. Ringevond's brand of symphonic, grim Black Metal really demand a crystal clear sound too fully appreciate it. Not a sound from the arse of a sheep. This album is a case of could have been. The music on this album is very good and it is worth while keeping an eye on this band. They may be the next big thing from Norway. If they can get their act together.
*** Lord Loch Lomond

Rossomahaar "Imperium Tenebrarum" CD (More Hate Prod.)

Finally; the Russian Black Metal scene has spawned a great band. Actually; Rossomahaar has probably released the best Russian metal album ever. The music on this album is both grim, gothic, melodic and symphonic. At the same time. It is very much a release in the Norwegian tradition. The only problem is that the material on this album lacks a bit originality. But with the strenght of this material; that is not a big problem. This is a solid Black Metal from a band I am sure we will hear a lot from in the future. By the way; their version of Metallica's "Call Of Ktulu" is great.
**** Lord Loch Lomond

Royal Hunt "Fear" (Steamhammer) CD

Keyboards….Denmark….popular in Japan….Hmm. Normally a big turn off for me. But Royal Hunt do keyboards based Progressive Metal better than most bands. There is a lot of references to Europe in their music, but they are (almost) forgiven. There is also a lot symphonic music in Royal Hunts music. But not enough, in my view. If Progressive Metal is your kind of music; you can do far worse than checking out this album. There is no killer tracks on this album and that is the only negative thing I can say about this album. Recommended.
**** Lord Loch Lomond

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