A tour around Øyeren in Norway

September 1992
130 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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I rented a very small flat in Sogn Studentby, Oslo between 1990-94 and I was doing some one days tours from my flat. I had done the Enebakk tour the year before. Øyeren Rundt is a classic ride in the Oslo area and I wanted to test myself against it. Hence this ride.

I set off from Sogn Studentby on this rather grey, overcast morning along the Ring 3 road which bypasses Oslo city centre to the north and east. I made good progress on cycle paths until Skullerud where I was forced onto the main road for 3-4 kilometres. A very uncomfortable experience with heavy traffic.
I left this road at Klemetsrud and headed towards Enebakk on a small road called Enebakkveien. The road started with a climb up to a forest and was then gently undulating through the forest and along some small lakes until the road reached the crossroads at Vaaglia. I here took the road to the right down the valley for one kilometre before I took the first road to the left up a pretty steep climb to Amundrud and through the forest with some quite funny undulating cycling before the road descended down to Spydeberg. The road now followed the main road to Stockholm, Sweden over the big Glomma river and over to Askim.
I stopped and had a break before I took the road out of this valley again towards Trøgstad and over some farming country towards the first glimpse of the Øyeren lake. Just before Trogstad, the road descended to a bridge over a river and then climbed up to this small village. The weather was still overcast and the road was pretty wet. I took the road up alongside the eastern shores of Øyeren. I only had a few glimpses of this lake because the road was going more inland along farm fields. The road was pretty flat and both the scenery and the cycling was pretty dull. I was counting down the kilometres. There was a small climb halfway up the road to Fetsund and a descent down to the long bridge there. The rest of this ride was dead flat.
I was relieved when I passed this bridge and the dead flat road towards Lillestrøm. Just before Lillestrøm, I crossed a small bridge over the river at Strømmen and continued up the hill to Fjellhammer and then back to my bed in Sogn Studentby again on cycle paths.

This tour is regarded as an Oslo classic and I can understand why. This tour offers some good technical cycling without lung bursting long climbs. But it is not a classic Norway tour and should only be done if you live in the Oslo area. I am glad I have done this tour though and I cannot say anything more than that.