To Nesodden and back

Spring 1991
60 km

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In 1990, I moved to Oslo to do some university studies. My bike was with me and I did some nice bikerides. Oslo is/was not the easiest town to do bikerides in or from. Heavy traffic and a lot of steep hills was a bit of a problem. Oslo is a very hilly town, rising from the seafront to over 150 meters in a matter of a few kilometers. But I got some tours together. The Nesodden ride was high on my wishlist and it was also my first tour that year. I thought it would be an easy ride...
Nesodden is a prominent peninsula just south of and across from Oslo. I have many times cycled past it on the other side of the Oslofjord and thought about going over this peninsula. The only way to approach it was from Oslo and due to living there; the opportunity was not to be missed this time. Hence this tour and what I believed was an easy first tour of the year.
The tour started with the run down the hills to Oslo harbour and the half an hour ferry (or so) over to Nesodden. I disembarked at Nesoddtangen and found the way to the crossroad taking me up a very steep hill to the top of this peninsula. The road followed the top of this peninsula, with excellent views towards west, for a while before it dropped down to sea level again and then climbed up to the top of the peninsula again. I was not best pleased with this socalled easy ride already turning into a pretty hard tour. I had spent more time out of the saddle than in the saddle. The descents were also pretty hairy and almost suicidal at times.

The road crossed the peninsula and I was at the head of Bunnefjorden and the end of this peninsula. The next stage took me up a long, but not steep hill alongside the very busy mainroad. My legs were shot and I was not best pleased. After crossing some nasty traffic machines and getting stressed out by the myriads of crossroads, I finally arrived at a smaller road (Gamle Mosseveien) alongside Gjersjoen. This road were very idyllic and almost free of any traffic. The best cycling of this tour and highly recommended. The idyll finished when the road rejoined the busy E18 again alongside the fjord. This very busy road took me back to Oslo again and some more traffic problems. My legs was by now pretty much finished and I scrambled up the hills again to Sogn Studentby and my small flat.


A brutal start on the cycling season, this tour. The climb up Nesodden is very hard. The traffic problems almost unbearable after Gjersjoen. But this tour is a nice tour if the mainroad into Oslo again can be bypassed. I have not been there for 20 years so I do not know. I had my problems and my legs were shot to pieces. But the nature is great so I guess I would recommend it again with the provissions above.