Orphaned Land caused a sensation with their debut album "Sahara". Their blend of Doom Metal and Arabic folk music influenced a generation of upcoming bands. Strictly speaking; Nekropsi is not a metal band, but their debut album "Mi Kubesi" has created a lot of interest in the metal scene.
We contacted Cevdet Erek from Nekropsi for a full update.

1. When was the band formed? Have you released other releases than "Mi Kubbesi"?

- The band was formed in 1990 by Cevdet Erek (drums) and Erem Tanyeri (guitar). Umut Gurbuz (bass) and Cem Omeroglu (guitar) joined the band 1 year later. A 4 piece speed-thrash demo titled Speed Lessons Part 1 was recorded and sold 700 via mail order and a few local music stores. After the departure of Erem and Umut, Tolga Yenilmez joined the band and so the skeleton of the band was formed: Cem (guitar, vocals), Tolga(guitar, vocals), Cevdet(drums, percussion).
After a period of 5 months practice, an untitled promo demo containing 13 songs was recorded. Cenk Turanl1 (bass) joined the band in 1994.

2. Do you consider to be a prog rock band, a jazz band, a metal band, an avant-garde band or do not fit any musical genres?

- We would not really call ourselves only one of these. Our music has got progressive rock/metal, avant-garde, art rock, fusion-jazz influences as well as traditional Turkish (attention, not only and specially Arabic, not as you wrote in your review) and middle eastern folk. Our music is easy to get into but free of limits and genres. We prefer to call it "instrumental music without the restriction of a genre". As to the word "progressive", we believe that this is a way of seeing music rather than a style of music.

3. Which bands and music genres would you say has influenced Nekropsi and Mi Kubbesi?

- We listen to a great variety of music and our music is open to all influences. The bands that influence us change from time to time. The music style in "Mi Kubbesi" has got a lot of influence from Thrash Metal so most of the time there's a lot of fast rhythmic drum and bass lines going on. If you were to look at our music archives then you would see that almost 40% were Speed-Thrash-Death Metal albums. That's where we got our rhythmic structure from. And the ones that really excited us were progressive bands like VOIVOD, PESTILENCE, ATHEIST, MEKONG DELTA etc. There were also bands like PINK FLOYD, CAMEL, CRIMSON who we liked. Most of our melodies have eastern and Turkish influences. But it's difficult to give Turkish names because this is more like a sub-conscious influence. In this city (Istanbul) there is always Turkish music around you. When you get on public transportation, when you switch on the TV or radio you always get to hear it. And there is always the possibility that your brain inherits it. We are also into electronic music. We really like bands like ORBITAL, ORB, FSOL. But lately we are more into electronic music and traditional music.

4. The Turkish language is not my strongest side, could you please explain more about the title of the CD and more about the concept and philosophy behind the CD?

- "Mi Kubbesi" means "the dome of mi" (The "mi" mentioned here is the music note as in do, re, mi.) We came up with this name while we were rehearsing for the album. There is a short story, written by Cevdet, on the inner sleeve of the album which goes with this name. It is about a group of people who wake up and find themselves under a giant dome. They hear the loud ringing of the mi and search for its source but unsuccesfully, find out that the dome, together with the mi, sometimes disappears and leaves them surrounded by nothing but the horizon. They soon realize that theirs and the dome's existance is somehow strongly connected to the "mi". If the "mi" fades they will also fade. And in the end they find out that they themselves are the source of the "mi".

5. Tell us more about the recording of the CD.

- Mi Kubbesi was recorded at various times between October 95 and May 96 at Stüdyo Pan -0stanbul. It was recorded on 3 of 8-track adats. First the drums, then the bass and then the guitars. Edited by Tolga (Stüdyo Pan). Mixed by Tolga, Faz1l Atuk and Nekrop (Stüdyo Pan). Edited by Tolga. Mastered at Marandiz Stüdyolar 1. And released in October 1996.

6. Tell us more about Ada Music.

- ADA has been in the music scene since mid-80s. They have released many Turkish folk and politically left wing musicians albums since then. Ada is interested in rock and alternative bands for the last three years. They have released many many albums in that this three years period even without thinking much about the quality. It can be said that they are taking a step back these days. They are now more 'choosing'. Most of their bands are more standard rock bands with Turkish lyrics (two examples from Ada; Bulutsuzluk Ozlemi, the most popular Turkish rock band with one album selling more than 100 000 and Yavuz Bingol, a new-folk singer, again selling near 100 000). There are also some Turkish jazz/instrumental bands and a surprise; Asafated, a progressive Death Metal band! In brief, can be said that Ada is the one of the two biggest independent-like companies of Turkiye.

7. What is your view on the music/metal scene in Turkey and abroad ?

- In here, the most of the Turkish rock/metal bands are bad imitations of Europe & America. No new music, no independent organizations...The pop and arabesk (music made of Turkish folk and classical music with some Arabic influences), in short, the 'commercial' music scene is growing fastly but the underground / alternative scene is too weak.

8. Has your CD got any distribution outside Turkey? How have reactions on the CD been from both Turkey and abroad ?

- No, Mi Kubbesi doesn't have any distribution outside Turkey.

9. Future plans ?

- We plan to have recorded our second album by the end of summer and release it by October. And then go on playing live. We also hope to be invited to Europe for gigs.

10. How can the CD be obtained? What is the price ?

- The CD can be obtained from Laser's Edge, the mail order catalogue. They sell it for $ 16.
Or people can write directly to us;
E-mail: cevdete@hotmail.com

There's no common price in $ because of the inflation here. People shall write to us and then we'll write them the price. It can be said that it will be around $ 11 including postage.

Ada Muzik can be reached at;

E-mail: adamusik@escortnet.com

Thanx a lot for this update. We recomend our readers to contact this band. A review of "Mi Kubesi" can be found in the Reviews section.