My first ever tour

A hot July day sometimes between 1971-73
2 - 3 km ?

Sweet memories from a long time ago.
Most of my early childhood is long forgotten now. Time flies...But somehow, I remember this tour. Is that a sign which points me towards what I became ? Well, I leave that to people more into psychology than I am. I am just grateful that I still remember this tour.

Me and my family back then (myself, my 1 year younger sister, father and mother) spent our 2-3 weeks long summerholidays at my uncle and grandfather's farm in Sogndalsdalen, Norway. There and with my grandmother in Fortun, 90 km further in the fjord. My father is also an avid tourer (trekking & skiing) too and has probably done more tours than I have ever done (yes coward, blame your father !!) and so was my now late uncle. Those two did a lot of tours together back then and I guess I may have pestered my grandfather to take me on a proper tour. My father and my uncle was exluded from the tour and left at home, left to stew over being grounded. I only guess this is how this tour it happened, knowing my own behaviour too well. My sister also tagged along. A rucksack with food and drink was prepared and my grandfather, myself and my sister went on this big adventure.

From the farm, we went down hill to a smaller abondoned farm and then straight up the hill over the farmlands and onto the proper forest on a steep hillside. I can can actually remember where we had our food and turned around back to the farm again. More precisely, the angle from the farm which means we ventured perhaps a few hundred meters into the hill above the farm before we had a long rest with food and juice. I don't remember the rest of the tour though. But I guess we turned around and went a more direct line back to my grandfather's farm again after this proper walk in the hills.


What can I say ? My first ever tour and that's really it. A new big road has now pretty much destroyed this area and my grandfather passed away two years ago. What I would say though is that please, please introduce small children to trekking/touring in a manner like this. Make it special and don't venture far. Don't make the first tour an ordeal. It will scare the child of touring for life. Make it a fun experience and do bring food and drink for a long rest out in the hills or wherever the tour goes. I remember, I guess I remember this tour because it was a special event which created a bond between myself, my grandfather and touring in general. That is a bond yet to be broken. A bond which evidently from this page has given me some fantastic tours and experiences.

In gratitude..... torodd