My final bikeride in Norway

July 1996
130 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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I was in a big mess in 1996. A failing business and too many changes of addresses which ended up with a relocation to Scotland at the end of the year meant I did not have much time to do bikerides. I did not even get a bike before May that year. A green bike which I then lost again in a bankruptcy the next year. But I managed to get in a handful of good rides. This ride was the best one and unknown to me; (most likely) my final bikeride ever in Norway.

I started off pretty early that sunny morning over Lierskogen to Dikemark and Heggedal. I felt fine and my tempo was pretty good. From Heggedal, I climbed a couple of vertical hills to the Rv 205 and Rv 167 road which took me down a small canyon to another crossroad. At this crossroad, I took the Rv 165 to the right and up a pretty big hill climb to another crossroad and the beginning of the motorway towards Drammen. I turned off this motorway at a crossroad and took the Fv 11 down the river to Aaros and Saetre at the fjord again. The sun was pretty strong now when I started on the climb up the Rv 281 over the big hill at Storsand. I knew this hill very well from previous cycle rides so I took it easy here. The descent down to the ferry at Storsand was pretty good.

I reached the ferry, which was replaced by a subsea tunnel some years ago, and waited for the ferry across the Oslofjord to appear. I only waited for a few minutes before I boarded this ferry for a 15 minutes long sailing over to DrÝbak. I had never been in this small town before. But I was also running out of time and I therefore set off on the next leg of the journey down the coast to Moss. This leg of the tour, on Fv 6, was very hard and took me by surprise. The road went inland and it was very undulating with numerous twists and turns. I was in serious time problems when I arrived tired and stressed in Moss where I got the ferry over to Horten. Back then, the ferries was rusty and decisive not particular safe. But I settled down for this 40 minutes long sailing over to Horten and got some needed rest.

The ferry arrived in Horten and I disemarbarked for the long bikeride along the main road E 18 back to my parents house again. The bikeride started with a small hillclimb up to the mainroad from Horten. I found the mainroad E 18 on a field and rode it pretty hard up to and through the small town of Holmestrand . The road was pretty flat along the fjord up to Sande where I despite of running late chose the backroads towards Skoger and Drammen. More desperate steep small climbs and descents followed. The clock was ticking down towards darkness and I gave it all. I was very relieved to finally staring down a small valley to Drammen. I was still racing against the time when I started on the final hard hill up to my parents house which I reached just before the sunset. I was very pleased with this ride.


This ride is another paradise lost due to the new subsea tunnel between Storsand and Drobak. But this was a great ride back then with a lot of hills and undulations. I loved it and I would recommend it if the subsea tunnel can be negotiated in some ways.
It was my final great bikeride in Norway and therefore a significant one in my life. From there on, it was Scotland and Northern Ireland all the way.