A nice round of golf at Millport GC

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April 2006

This too is a tour...... with a difference. I worked in a computer company in Greenock when I took up golf. That saved my life because I was then 180 kg heavy and dying. I was bitten by the golf bug and rapidly lost a lot of weight. That saved my life. Scientific research has now proven that golf is a very good form of physical training.
My interest in golf was shared with Lars Erik and Magnus from my workplace and we decided to do a nice golf outing at Millport GC on the Isle Of Cumbrae (for more info, see the Clyde Coast tour). The event was then cancelled due to bad weather. But the weather forecasts changed again and we finally decided to do the event. The day turned out to be sunny and we had a fantastic day.
I started the day with the bus down to Paisley and then the train to Largs where I met up with Lars Erik and Magnus at the harbour. We were all up for it when we took the ten minutes very busy ferry over to Cumbrae Slip on Isle Of Cumbrae. We then took the very busy bus from the ferry to Millport.
This was my first ever time in Millport and this very scenic village knocked me over with it's beauty and very stylish waterfront. This is a true gem of a village and highly recommended.
We stopped over at a bar in Millport for some coffee before we climbed the hill up to the golf course. This walk only took us ten minutes and was a forewarning of the coming hillwalking.

The course is best described on the front page of the official Millport Golf Course homepage: Millport Golf Club on the Isle of Cumbrae was founded in 1888 making it one of the oldest established courses on the Firth of Clyde. The island is only 4 miles long and 2 miles wide. The 18 hole course commands one of the most dramatic vistas in Scottish golf. Panoramic views over the Firth include Ailsa Craig, the Isle of Bute, the Cowal Peninsula and Arran. Looking across to Arran provides a spectacular vista of Goat Fell and The Sleeping Warrior.
I could not put it better myself. The views towards Isle Of Arran from the club house and the practice area was simply stunning and our jaws dropped. The views alone is the reason for playing this course.

The mountains at Isle Of Arran from the club house.

Our jaws dropped even more when we saw the first holes and what seemed like a golf-flag up in the sky, far above our heads. Is there two golf courses at this island ? No, it turned out to be a hole on this golf course. They have sherpas on Mount Everest, so why not here ? I immediate bought some more water for this hillwalk/round of golf. That was a wise choice.

This page is not a report about golf. It is a tour report from a day around this golf course. But just for the record: Magnus won the competition by many country miles. Lars Erik was a better golfer than me, but his balls found a lot of the gorse bushes which is surrounding this golf course. My stile was safety first and foremost. My score in the low 120s was probably better than Lars Erik's score. But who cares ? The photo below is me trying to hit out of a bit of a trouble on the second hole with a five wood.

Myself. Note the bended left arm. It took me a year to straightened it out and play proper golf.

Lars Erik teeing off on the superb 3rd hole. Note Isle of Bute and the Cowal Peninsula in the background.

The first two holes was hilly. We got a bit of a rest on the third and the fourth hole before the golf course went straight up the hill and the serious hillwalking started to the top of the golf course and the island.

The climb and the holes leading up to the top of the golf course. Breathtaking !

The views was very spectacular in all directions though. The next hole took us along the top of the course/island to the north on the golf course.

Stunning views towards the Cowal Peninsula, Wemyss Bay and the mountains around Loch Long.

We also spotted the club house far below us. We were seriously impressed !
The course was now going forwards and backwards on this mountain side. The fairways was a bit narrow and surrounded by beautiful heather and gorse bushes. The golf was good. The views superb.

Stunning views towards the mountains on Isle Of Arran.

Magnus and Lars Erik on one of the greens with Isle Of Arran in the background.

We took a small break to sort out our sore legs in one of the small shelters around the course. The course was really punishing. We then continued. A big climb up a hill followed before the remaining holes took us down to the club house again.

The final hill with Isle Of Arran in the background.

We were both impressed and happy when completing this course. This course is a true gem. This golf course is without any doubts one of the most scenic golf courses in Scotland. It also has some good golf and the green fee is good value for money.

We returned down the hill to Millport again, jumped on a bus to the ferry and landed in Largs again. We split up and I took the train back to Paisley again.

Golf courses like Millport GC is one of the best reasons why those who love the outdoors should take up golf. The prices on Millport GC is cheap. The golf and the views superb. I had a fantastic round of golf at Millport GC and I cannot recommend golf and this course highly enough.