I am cleaning out my closet for some left over stuff I no longer need.
The items sold is undamaged and in good order. Please make an order if the items interest you.
Please contact me for availability of the goods and my address.

All CDs and promos = £ 2 each in admin fees + postage and packing
Last updated 24. March 2012


Bugs B Gone "Act Of Rage" MCD (Old style Death from Norway in the vein of Sepultura) £ 2

Promo CDs

I am cleaning out my closet for tonnes of very rare promo CDs. All these promo Cds are 3 - 9 years old and extreme rare.
I am selling the promo CD in the order as they were when I received them. None of the CDs are damaged.
Reviews of most of these albums can be found here !

Abyss (Peter Tägtren) "Summon the beast"
Adversam "Animadverte"
Adramelech "Seven"
Agathdaemon "Higher art of rebellion"
Agathocles "The Lp's 1989 - 1991"
Agathocles "The Lp's 1989 - 1991"
Agathocles "Humarrogance"
Agathocles "Humarrogance"
Agathocles/Scrawl "Seven minutes of nausea"
Allison "Symmetry"
Andras "Quest of deliverance"
Ancient Ceremony "Under moonlight we kiss"
Antaios/Stigmata Chorus “split CD”
Arabesque "Beyond The Veil"
Artrosis "Hidden dimension"
Arum "Hellish Spells"
Ashes "And the angels wept"
Autumn Verses "Tunes of disconsolation"
Aurora "Eos"
Avulsed "Stabwound orgasm"
Bewitched "Dragonflight"
Blo.Torch "s/t"
Bolt Thrower “Mercenary”
Brimstone "Carving a crimson career"
Cadaveria "The Shadow's Madame"
Carnality "Brutal Execution"
Castigate "Bring me the head of Jesus Christ"
Caustic "Rebirth of Procreation"
Centinex "Bloodhunt"
Cerebrocide "Delusion"
Con Anima "The book of riddles"
Conquest "Rage"
Corporation 187 "Subliminal Fear"
Count De Nocte "Sorores Nocte genitae"
Crematory "Act Seven"
Cryptic Carnage "Retrospect 2000"
Danzig "Satans child"
Darkseed "Spellcraft"
Deathwitch “The Ultimate Death”
Dementia "Answer"
Demons & Wizards "s/t"
Desecration “Murder In Mind”
Desecration “Inhuman”
Dew-Scented “Ill Natured”
Die Allergie "Dunkelgraue Lieder........."
Dismal Euphony "One little devils"
Dominus "The first 9"
Dominance "Anthems of ancient splendour"
Drastic "Thieves of kisses"
Drecksau "Schmerz"
Earthcorpse "The taste of sin"
Earthcorpse "Born Bleeding"
Earthtone "Low Definition Discord"
Earthtone "Off kilter enhancement"
Eros Necropsique "Pathos"
Even Vast "Hear Me Out"
Evereve "Seasons"
Evereve "Regret"
Finger "Morals Hinders Progress"
Finger "Morals Hinders Progress"
Fiurach "Chaospawner"
Giant Causeway "Destination Insecure"
Gothic Sex "Laments"
Grin "s/t"
Hades “Even If You Die A Thousand Times...”
Hateplow "Everybody dies"
Hexecution "Beyond all evil"
Hollow "Architect of the mind"
Hypocrisy "s/t"
Inhumate "Growth"
Internal Suffering "Supreme knowledge domain"
Isegrim "s/t"
In Battle “In Battle”
Is Pain "1999"
Jim Martin (ex Faith No More) "Milk And Blood"
Keep Of Kalessin “Through Times Of War”
Knell Odyssey "Sailing To Nowhere"
Lacrimosa "Elodia"
Less Than Human "To Breed True"
Lifeless "s/t"
Lividity "Age of clitorial decay"
Lividity ".'Til only the sick remains"
Lock Up "Pleasures pave sewers"
Lost In Misery "Carousel of memories"
Lungbrush "Old school, new school"
Malevolent Creation "Joe Black"
Malevolent Creation "Eternal"
Malevolence "Martyrialized"
Manticore "Integrating the extreme"
Martyr "Murder x - the end of the game"
Master "Faith is in season"
Medieval Demon "Demonlatria"
Mephistoples "Songs of the desolate one"
Mercenary “First Breath”
Montrosity "Millenium"
MoonStruck "First light"
Mordeth "Cybergods"
Morgain "Frostbitten Nakedness"
Morgul "Parody of the mass"
Mystic Force "Infernal Satanic verses"
N8 "Reallity fate"
Naughty Balls "Bears meatballs and stalkers"
Naughty Balls "Bears meatballs and stalkers"
Necrodeath "Into the macabre"
Necromancer "Demented"
Nox Intempesta "Damnanus Dominion"
Nox Intempesta "De Vermis Mysterius"
Obliterate "The feelings"
Obscenity "Human barbeque"
Obscenity "Human barbeque"
Obtained Enslavement "Witchcraft"
Obtrunication "The callous Concept"
Olethrio Rigma "Fight for the innocent"
Overdose "Circus of death"
Overlife "Between passion and madness"
Pain (Peter Tägtren) "s/t"
Paraxism ".xism excursion"
Paragon "The final command"
Paranoid Agony "A View In Agony"
Path Of Debris "the eyes of the basilisk"
Pegazus "Breaking the chains"
Perkussive Perlokution "Forces to decay"
Primal Fear "Jaws of death"
Pyogenesis "Unpop"
Rhymes Of Destruction "A Sun revolution"
Rot "Sociopathic Behaviour"
Rotten Sound "Drain"
Ruination "Visionary Breed"
Ruination "Xura"
Sadist "Crust"
Sadist "Lego"
Sanatorium "Internal womb cannibalism"
Seizure "s/t"
Serenity "Breathing Demons"
Serpent "Autumn Ride"
Seth "Les Blessures de i'ame"
Shade Empire "Daemon"
Shadows Of Sunset "Reflections from afar"
Sinergy "Beware the heavens"
Six Feet Under "Maximum Violence"
Skunk D.F "Equilibrio"
Snub "360 conviction"
Solarisis "Holland is made of Tofu"
Suffocate "Lustforheaven"
Super Not "Phlegmatic Sun"
Swan Christy "Today Died Yesterday"
Tales Of Darknord "Dismissed"
Tales Of Darknord "Dismissed"
Terra Tenebrae "Subconscious"
Tesla “Reel To Reel CD 2 bonus”
U.D.O. "Holy"
Undertakers "Suffering within"
Unlord "Schwarzwald"
Unfounded "Corrode"
U2 "The sunday time EP" (5 track sampler with 2 videos)
Vader "Live in Japan"
Vader "Black to the blind"
Vader "Kingdom"
Withered Earth "Forgotten Sunrise"
Wolfram "Liars In A Second skin"
V/A "The New Force In Rock" (Prog and Power Metal sampler) 3 copies.
V/A "Soundcheck Volume 9" (Nuclear Blast sampler)
V/A "Soundcheck Volume 11" (Nuclear Blast sampler)
V/A "Black Sun Catalogue 2000"
V/A "Road Kill" (Pavement Music sampler. Death/Black Metal)
V/A "You Sleigh Me" (rare metal sampler with Roadrunner and Metal Blade bands)
V/A "Independent Music....... (House Of Kicks sampler)
V/A "Saerpe Metal Union" (four Norwegian bands split cd: Con Anima, Sunshine Gone, Infernal and Soul Trasition)
V/A "Knuckletracks IV" (metal sampler with bands from Relapse, Metal Blade and Century Media)
V/A "Knuckletracks V" (metal sampler with bands from Relapse, Metal Blade and Century Media)
V/A "Traces of Death II" (sampler with Relapse bands)
V/A "Identity 3D" (Century Media sampler from 1997)
V/A "Metal to the metals" (Perverted Taste label sampler. Death/Grind)
V/A "Cop Out" (Copro Records sampler from 2001. Punk/Metal/Ska)
V/A "Cheap Shots" (Burning Heart label sampler from 1996)
V/A "Music For the dead masses" (Noise Solution sampler from 1999. Grind/Death)
V/A "Smells like teen spirit II" (Displeased Records sampler from 1996) £ 3
V/A "Compilation zu Ausgabe" (G.U.C records sampler from 1996. German Grind/Death/Thrash)
V/A "La compilation" (French Death/Grind/Thrash/Black compilation)
V/A "Turn it up" (collection with Audiovent, P.O.D, Pulse Ultra, Blindside and Taproot. Live)
V/A "Ecocentric sampler" (grind core) Double CD. £ 4
V/A "Terrorized # 16"
V/A "The abominable showcase (new, upcoming british extreme metal and hardcore bands)

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