The Lugton Ride

April 2010
35 km

I did have a camera back then, but were too lazy to use it on this training tour. So no pictures from this tour although I have used a picture from another tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
Enter "Paisley" in the search field & Google Earth for xtra pictures

I decided to go for the Western Isles in 2010 and a training programme were deviced. The first tour on this training programme were this tour. I had not been up this road to Lugton since 1995 on my rather disasterous tour through Scotland that summer. I remember Dykebar hospital and a nice descent down to Lugton and that's all I remember from the 1995 visit. So as a start of the season, I decided on this tour.

I set off from my flat this cold, early morning. I was well clothed in warm clothes. Which is far from ideal on a bikeride. I started the day past the golf course and up to and past Dykebar hospital. I continued up towards Barrhead on a nice climb. My legs felt OK after the long winter hibernation, but plenty of golf at my hilly golf course. But the cold weather was a major hurdle though. I continued through Barrhead and was not entirely comfortable on my bike. I really felt rusty. The road from Barrhead rise very considerable up to the canyon which took me down to Lugton. I was really looking forward to the descent I remembered from 1995. The tempo was slow up and through this canyon. It became flat after the first 2 km of vertical climb. Then it just petered out past Caldwell Golf Course and down to Lugton. No funny descent. Hardly any descent at all. Where had it gone ? I honestly do not know. It is still a mystery to me. I may have been delirious as I was hospitalised the day after for severe heatstroke.

I arrived in Lugon and the return over Gleniffer Braes again. An area I already knew due to the bikerides from Troon. The first kilometer was spent on the road to Beith. Then I switched over to the Gleniffer Brae road and the climb up to the highest point. Then the usual descent down to a small valley again. I did not feel comfortable on my bike at all, steel being rusty and cold. A sidewind almost caught me out up there. I managed to save myself and continued the pretty boring bikeriding over the big masts and electricity station before the last hill took me to the carpark overlooking Paisley.

Watching towards Paisley from the carpark at the top of Gleniffer Braes

After a long break up there, I took the vertical descent down to Paisley. A lot of braking and I still did not feel at home on the bike. I was very relieved at the bottom of this bonechilling cold descent where I was met with another climb again. I climbed it and was soon down in Paisley. I took the road up to my flat again after a cold start to the season.


Not even in a warm weather is this a good bikeride. There are many variations of this bikeride both to the left and to the right of the canyon down to Lugton which is really funny though. This on small lokal roads, though. But this ride is not recommended and I hope never to have to do it again.