The Lommedalen ride

June 1991
40 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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In 1990, I moved to Oslo to do some university studies. My bike was with me and I did some nice bikerides. Oslo is/was not the easiest town to do bikerides in or from. Heavy traffic and a lot of steep hills was a bit of a problem. Oslo is a very hilly town, rising from the seafront to over 150 meters in a matter of a few kilometers. But I got some tours together in an area I did not know at all. I like to expand my horizons and the bike is my tool to do so.
I did the 35 km bikeride from my parents home in Lier to my flat in Oslo on a regular basis. I had heard about places like Roa and Lommedalen through TV and in media a lot during my childhood. I was therefore keen to explore these areas on my own and a bikeride was the right thing to do.

It was a very warm morning when I set off from Sogn Studentby where I lived back then. I cycled the main road straight west on a cycle path to I reached Slemdalsveien. I climbed up the hill on this road until I reached a crossroad. I took the undulated Stasjonsveien backroad over to Hovseter and a crossroad. Sorkedalsveien took me over to Roa. This is a small village within Oslo itself. I continued over Griniveien which was pretty undulating too. I was soon out of the suburbs and onto some farmlands. I reached a roundabout and spotted the road up the hill. It was the road I was taking. I took this road, Gamle Ringeriksveien, up the vertical hill with some good scenery which took me over to Lommedalen. I passed a small secluded lake in the forest before the vertical drop down to Barum Verk took me back to civilization again.
The Lommedalsveien took me down to Brynsveien which again took me over to Barumsveien and familiar ground again along this very undulated road. I reached the main motorway and followed that back to my flat in Sogn Studentby again after a good ride.


This is an interesting ride on the backroads and through the suburbs in the north-west parts of Oslo. The road is pretty undulating and therefore a very good ride. It is recommended.