Over Carruthmuir to Lochwinnoch

April 2008
50 km

I did have a camera back then, but were too lazy to use it on this training tour. So no pictures from this tour although I have used a picture from another tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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One of the first tours in 2008 after having really wanted to explore the area between Greenock and Paisley a lot more. I had cycled through it a couple of times back in 2006, but that on the disused railway, now a cycle track. Not an entirely satisfactory solution in my view. This tour was highest on my wishlist in this area.

I set of from my flat on a rather good morning, heading for Renfrew to avoid the traffic machines around Glasgow Airport. That road to the south of the airport is a much more direct, but also more heavy traffic road. So I always avoid that and goes over Renfrew and Inchinnan instead. Which I did that morning. I cycled past Inchinnan and down to the flat crossroad taking me to Houston. I was amazed to find out from my cycle computer I had already done five miles/8 km at this crossroad. It is a very fast and easy road, this road around Glasgow Airport. I continued the flat road over Houston to Bridge Of Weir, where I took the Kilmacolm Road up to a small crossroad 2 km before Kilmacolm which took me down over the cycle path on the disused railway and over a small bridge. There was a small hill after that bridge before I reached a small crossroad just outside Quarriers Village. I took the road to the right here up some rather heavy, but not too steep climbs towards the B786 road. I reached that road and a small descent to the foot of a very steep climb up to the highest point on this route; the Carruthmuir. This road climbed steadily, spiced up with a couple of descents too, to the top of this hill at around 170 meters above sea level.

Watching towards the hidden Lochwinnoch from the top of Carruthmuir. Picture taken in July 2011.

I continued the bikeride along the rather flat bit on the top before the road descended down to Lochwinnoch in a rather vertical descent on some very bad tarmac. I finally arrived in Lochwinnoch after this dumpy ride.
I continued down to the disused railway line and the cycle path taking me back to Paisley again. This cyclepath is infinite better than the mainroad to Paisley. But it is still a dull ride on this disused railway line and sleep inducing. I passed the Castle Semple ruins on my way to Johnstone where the cycle path became a bit more interesting. The ride back to Paisley gave me no problems. I arrived back in my flat after an interesting ride.


This bikeride is a ride of two parts. The good, interesting bit up to and over Carruthmuir to Lochwinnoch. The cycle path from Lochwinnoch to Paisley is dead boring though. This route can be made a lot more interesing, but also harder, by taking the small roads over Kilbarchan or Howwood to Paisley again. But I still like this route and I have repeated it several times. It is recommended.