Lierdalen Circuit

35 km


I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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I grew up in the Lier valley and municipality. My family was much more into trekking and skiing in the forests surrounding this valley than going on drives around this valley. When I took up bikeriding, this was one of my ambitions to learn all the roads in this valley. Although I had done all the roads here on their own, I had not done the complete circuit before that year. I do not remember anything of the pre-tour stuff besides of this tour being a logical step from the preceding tours. My bike was good and so was the weather that day.

I set off that morning from my parents house in Tranby on the Gamle Ringeriksvei Road in the direction of Nordal school and Sylling. The road took me down to this school and the RV 285 mainroad up to Sylling. The road was flat with a small descent down to this small village. The ride was without any events and I reached Sylling without any problems. I continued past the church and up to a crossroad. I took the road to the left down the valley again on the west side. The road was very undulating past Sjaastad and Egge down to Lierbyen. I turned around here and continued up the RV 285 to my parents house again after a hard ride around this valley.


This is a good bikeride with the pretty flat east side up and the very undulating west side down again. Some hard climbs just past Sjaastad and over Meren should not be underestimated. The climb up to Tranby again is hard too. The rest is pretty OK. I have heard the road on the west side is pretty bad now and that may be the difference between being a recommended bikeride our not. The scenery is good throughout though and it is a good evening ride.