The Lavangen Tour

1 day
110 km
April 1989

I spent the whole of 1989 in the Norwegian army. 9 months of it up in the north, 2000 km from home. I brought with me my bike and I did some smaller day-tours. This tour was the first serious day-tour I did in Northern Norway.
This tour gives it self and seems like an obvious choice on the map. So I found myself on the small climb out of Setermoen one Sunday morning in early April.

Please note that the bad quality of the pictures is both due to my incompetence as a photograph and the bad quality of the camera.

The climb took me up to a small lake and up a small valley to a hill overlooking the Salangen valley. The road descended vertically into the valley and then followed it past some houses I have learnt has become Polar Zoo with some interesting animals. Back in 1989, the valley was the playground of the Norwegian Army. This was during the cold war too. After ten kilometres of nice flat cycling, the road started to climb towards a bridge at Forset. The road crossed this bridge and climbed steady up from the valley floor from this bridge. The climb was a bit boring, but I got my reward on the top of the hill, overlooking Fossbakken. I descended down the hill to Fossbakken. During the descent, I got a small snowstorm. I therefore waited out the snowstorm at Fossbakken before I turned my attention to Spansdalen. This photo is taken from the top of that valley.

Spansdalen between Fossbakken and Lavangen.

The descent down to the valley floor was a bit hairy with frozen brakes and fingers. But I survived and continued down this gully-like valley. It was very narrow at some places. I finally reached the Lavangen fjord. The views was good along the fjord. I followed the fjord for a couple of kilometres before I took the road over the hill to Sjovegan. This photo is from the climb up that hill.

On the climb between Lavangen and Sjovegan.

The climb was not long and the small hill was around 200 meters above sea level. The climb topped out on a small moor. The descent on the other side took me down to the Salangen fjord at Sjovegan. It was a gentle descent and I soon faced a short, sharp climb from the fjord up to Sjovegan. I bought some water before I continued on my way back to Setermoen.

The road through Sjovegan climbed over a small hill and then descended to a lake. The road past this lake was pretty undulating. The twenty kilometres long road up the Salangen valley to the crossroad at E6 was pretty flat, with a notable exception of a half-a-kilometre long and steep climb halfway up the valley.
At the crossroad, the road climbed up a steep hill before it gently descended down to a lake and then down to Setermoen again. I was pretty tired and frozen after this tour.

This is an interesting tour which only madmen like myself would do. This tour is not what I would call interesting. The Setermoen to Lavangen was quite interesting though. The return pretty boring. But I do not regret doing it.