The Langbank ride

May 2010
55 km


I moved to the Paisley area some years ago. I was not that keen on cycling in the beginning and mostly ventured in all other directions than towards the Port Glasgow and Kilmacolm area due to my lack of understanding of the area. I thought there was no roads here but the big motorways. I have been proven wrong..... This is now my favorite area which I am currently exploring. This rather short, but still hilly ride was my first real venture into the backroads between Port Glasgow and Paisley.

I started off the ride with the usual flat terrain past Renfrew, Inchinnan, under the railway and the motorway towards Houston. A very flat ride with a couple of minor climbs which got me going. The first 15 km is eventless where I tried to save energy by keeping a steady tempo. A small, steep hill just after a roundabout before Houston announced the end of the flat stuff. At the crossroad, I took the road through Houston and up the Barochan Road.

The road was climbing in a small steady pace without offering me too much resistance. The road was nice and I was really enjoying this. The weather was fine too. I was soon at the crossroad towards what I believed was the flat Old Greenock Road.

Dumbarton Rock from the Old Greenock Road between Gleddoch House and Port Glasgow

The title of the tour is a bit misleading, btw. Old Greenock Road is a very hilly road bypassing Langbank up in the hills. And o boy this road has some steep hills. The most severe climb going past Gleddoch House and golf course. It ends up on 100 meters above sea level and a superb viewpoint. The descent down to Finlaystone is very hairy and downright dangerous. My new brakes got a good workout. From the bottom of the descent, the road again climbed steady past Finlaystone and over to Port Glasgow down river. The Old Greenock Road is most definate a severe test.

After having to bypass some roadworks, I was soon in the hill above Port Glasgow. I turned sharply over to the Kilmacolm Road and climbed it in a steady pace to the highest mountain of the day at 126 meters above sea level. Not exactly a high mountain pass, but good enough for me. I had never been through Kilmacolm (always bypassing it on the disused railway road, nee cycle path) before and this pretty big village was a nice surprise. A very stylish village with a lot of nice shops. Kilmacolm is most definate one of the nicer villages in this area.

The road now took me down towards Bridge Of Weir..... was my plan. But I had also never been through Quarriers Village either so a quick change of plans meant I took the small road towards that village over the disused railway, nee cycle path. Quarriers Village is indeed a nice village, but is more living in the past than in the presence. It feels more like a museum than a living community. I may be wrong here. But I really enjoyed the too brief visit. The church seems great and I will be back.

I went over Bridge Of Weir again and over to Houston where I completed the circuit. From here, I should had returned over Inchinnan and Renfrew back to Paisley. But due to a brainfade and curiosity, I took the road through Linwood instead. Big mistake which ended in a traffic machine and chaos. I managed to get through Linwood alive and with the promise not to do that mistake again. I continued through Paisley to my humble abode.


This is a good and short evening ride through an area which has a lot of offer. With the exception from the last bit over Linwood, I think it is fair to say that I will return to this ride again.