The Lake Of Menteith ride

July 1999
110 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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This was a ride I had planned for a long time. It is an obvious ride from Alexandria where I lived back then. It is still an obvious ride and I tried to repeat it both in 2010 and this year. Both times, I had to abort the tours due to bike problems. It is high on my agenda for 2012 too. But I managed to do it in 1999 though.

I set off from my flat in Alexandria on this sunny morning up to Balloch. I chose the Stirling Road up the hills over towards Drymen. This is a scenic road throughout and I loved this ride. At the crossroad at the end of this road, I took the road up the hill to Drymen. I contiuned this road over the hill to the big crossroad at Balfron Station. I took the A 81 over the prairie like flatlands towards Aberfoyle. A very scenic road with some very big hills overlooking Aberfoyle in the background. These 10 km or so is also easy bikeriding with only a couple of minor hills to negotiate. I was soon in the roundabout outside Aberfoyle.
The road from this roundabout on A 81 starts with a couple of nasty hills past Aberfoyle Golf Course before the road became more agreeable and undulating. I was soon at the north shores of Lake Of Menteith . I took the minor B8034 road down the eastern shores of the lake towards Bucklyvie again. This road was minor undulating with a couple of short, sharp climbs to cheer me up. The road also crossed a small river too. The last bit of this road was pretty flat until I arrived at the Stirling to Balloch road, the A811, at Arnprior. I followed this road up a small hill to Bucklyvie . I stopped to refill my water bottles and found out that my rucksack was only hanging on a small thread. If that thread was breaking, I would be in deep trouble. I continued as carefully as I could up the hill and down to Balfron Station and over a new hill again to Drymen. I returned again over the hill to Balloch and home again where I was mighty relieved to make it without loosing my rucksack.


This is actually a very good bikeride and I have often wanted to repeat it. Twice I have been on my way, but the bike and bad weather has copped out on my both times. The bikeriding is good throughout and has no bad points. Start and end from Milngavie is also recommended and there is also countless other variations to be made here. Which I will hopefully do next year. This time with a camera and this page will get some pictures added too. This ride is recommended.