The Kongsberg Tour

May 1993
140 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures.


I was living with my parents just outside Drammen during my summer vacation from the studies in Oslo. I was planning to take a long bike ride later that summer and this ride was a part of the training for this tour. I had never been to this part of Norway too so that itself was a good excuse to do this tour.

I set off early in the sunny morning down the hill to Drammen and the crossing of the river at this, Norway's fifth biggest city. The traffic was not too bad. I followed the old road from Drammen up the hill and over to Sande and the start of the biggest hillclimb of the tour. The hill is called Hanekleiva and it has in total 200 meters of climbing. Some of it pretty steep too. The views back towards Sande and Drammen was pretty good throughout.
I reached the top and the pretty hairy descent down to the other side at Hof. The route was now a bit zigzag on small roads before I hit the foot of the hillclimb over to Hvittingfossen. This climb was pretty gentle over the hill and down to Hvittingfossen. This small village is situated at the Laagen, a very long and big river with an equally long valley going up 100 miles to the north. I followed this valleyfloor. The road was flat and not particular interesting before I hit the hillclimb out of the valley just before Kongsberg.
I did not go to Kongsberg itself. I just crossed over the hill to Eikeren alongside a very busy road. After a longish descent down towards Eikeren, I left this busy road just before this large inland lake and followed a smaller road along some farmlands and over some bridges towards Hokksund. Just before Hokksund, I took a small road over some hills to Mjondalen and the Drammenselva basin which I followed on a busy road to Drammen. From there, I cycled through Lierbyen and back to my parent's house again.


There is a lot of good, long tours in this part of Norway. This one is not one of them. Some parts of this tour is mindnumbing boring. But this tour is still not bad and it has been made a lot better with new roads from Kongsberg to Drammen making this route almost free of any cars. I would perhaps suggest better alternatives than this tour. But if long flat roads is your cup of tea, this route is a good one for you.