80 km

June 1988

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures from that tour. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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I did some longer tours in the 1980s. This tour was one of them. I do not remember anything of the pre-tour stuff besides of this tour being a logical step from the preceding tours. My bike was good and so was the weather that day.

I set off that morning from my parents house in Tranby in the direction of Lierskogen and Dikemark at the then rv 289, now fv 16 and the fv 203 and fv 204 past Dikemark down to Heggedal. The cycling was not too hard. The climb up from Heggedal to the fv 205 down towards Slemmestadveien vertical and the ride down to Slemmestadveien a good descent down a canyon. Slemmestadveien towards the beginning of the motorway was a pretty hard climb. I was happy to reach the fv 11 which took me down along a river down to Aaros and the Oslofjord. The descent good fun. The road along Oslofjorden was pretty undulating. I reached Saetre and the climb over the Hurum peninsula on the fv 11 and the rv 289 road. The road over the Hurum peninsula was a pretty steep climb in the beginning before the road flattened out along some farmfields and past some lakes. The descent down to Klokkarstua was pretty good.

I was very tired now and the pretty undulating road along Drammenfjorden was awaiting. I was dreading it, but had no choice. The fv 3 road climbed from Klokkarstua up to a hill and then descended down to the fjord. The first part of the fjord was pretty undulating before the road became mercifully flat for a while. The road climbed up from Hyggen and over to Lierkroa and the beginning of the hillclimb up to my parents home again. I was wiped out and arrived home safe, but very tired after a hard, long bikeride.


Not a particular interesting bikeride on a peninsula where the full circuit is so much more interesting. But it is a medium hard one and one not to ignore. I have only done it once and have no plans to do it again.