A bikeride around Kilmaurs

March 2012
65 km

My cycle season 2012 had started very positive back in January and I was eager to continue this trend. February had a lot of bad weather though and the frost returned too. Every sunny day were frosty. So I went for some walks instead on those days. I only got two bikerides that month. I felt in good form and was eager to build on this form when the calendar announced March. This was my first ride that month.

The weather forecast was pretty good that morning, but it was also promising rain from 1500 that day. So I started around 1000 to let the warm air burn off any frosty patches. I headed past my golf course and up the hill the Dykebar Hospital to a small town called Barrhead. My tempo was very good until I reached the ten degree steep hill past the crossroad to Neilston. Laziness and me forgetting to get into the first gear meant I had to push the bike up this hill. I was soon back on the bike again up the small canyon on the A736 road. My tempo was good again, but I had very little faith in my backwheel which was pretty wobbly. I took it easy in a couple of descents. I was soon down in the Lugton crossroad. I took the A 735 road over towards Dunlop. I hit a lot of sidewind on the first part of this exposed road. But I was soon down in sheltered valley again and climbed up of that again to Dunlop. I hit a lot of sidewind on the road down to Stewarton and was struggling a bit. But I noticed with glee that this sidewind was going to be in my back on the ride over to Paisley again.

I chose to go straight on at the crossroad in this small town instead of the usual right turn and the mainroad down to Kilmaurs. My choice was the minor road which was following the main road down to Kilmaurs. The main road down to Kilmaurs is pretty flat. The minor road on the other side of a couple of farmfields, three hundred meters away, was very hilly though. Hilly and very exposed. It was like night and day. I was struggling pretty badly in some vertical climbs and drops on this road.

Looking down from the last hill towards the Kilmaurs to Fenwich road

The title of this bikeride is a bit misleading because I did not pass through Kilmaurs this time. The road took me down to the Kilmaurs to Fenwick road (B 751). This road started with a climb up a small river valley to the gates of a new golf club called Rowallan Castle Golf Club which seemed OK. I changed over from winter gloves to summer gloves for the first time this year and felt a lot better by that. I also felt a lot better after a pretty steep climb, I got the wind in my back on the flatlands before I reached the motorway and the A77 I was going to follow over the mountain towards Glasgow again. The climb up A 77 caused me some problems last year. It is not an easy climb. But I felt a lot better this time and it caused me next to no problems this time. Not even on the steepest sections. I just let the pedals and the wind in the back do the job and was on the top of the mountain in what must have been a personal best. The tour through the valley towards Newton Mearns. Just before this village, I turned off A77 and took a smaller road towards B769 as I always did last year. The side wind gave me a pretty big scare and almost blew me over into a small river. But I survived the scare, a bit shaken up. I was considering doing the B 769 all the way down to Rouken Glen and then use Nitshill Road back to Paisley again due to the exposed road at Balgray Reservoir. But I decided to chance it and take the road over Balgray Reservoir after all. There was no wind here and I survived the descent down to Barrhill and then over to Barshaw and down to my flat again. I was very happy with this tour and having beaten the oncoming rain. The rain arrived a couple of hours later.


A very good bikeride which I can recommend. I will probably do it again over the next years with some minor variations. It is a medium hard bikeride too and the scenery is good throughout. It is recommended.