The Rosneath Peninsula tour

June 2001
55 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures. But I hope to add some pictures in the near future by doing this tour again.

I had returned to Helensburgh again from my three months long stay in Aberdeen. My life was in a flux because I had agreed to join a company in Belfast and was in two minds about this. I had a two months long break between Aberdeen and Belfast. I was spending this time mostly in Helensburgh.
This tour was my final tour in Scotland before going to Belfast one week later. I had been staring at this route, the Rosneath Peninsula, for some time. So I reluctantly decided; now or never. I was not that motivated though when I set off on the road towards Garelochhead.
This was a very hot day when I started at midday. The road in the loch to the peace camp at the foot of the hill past the naval base was pretty boring. The climb up past the naval base the same too. The descent down to Garelochhead was OK though. I rounded the head of the loch and continued out the flat road towards Kilcreggan. Some marinas followed and the uneventful tour ended at the foot of the hills over past the big TV mast to Kilcreggan.
The small village of Kilcreggan is a brilliant little village with a lot to offer. It is within easy reach from Glasgow through the train to Gourock and the small ferry to Kilcreggan pier. There is also a rather expensive bus from Helensburgh train station to Kilcreggan the same way as I cycled that day. In short; Kilcreggan is most definate worth a visit.

I continued in another loch called Loch Long from Kilcreggan on a flat road along the loch until I hit the wall, a steep hill, from Coulport. This is a major naval base and a possible future nuclear waste storage depot and the end of the road along Loch Long. The views over Loch Long to Ardentinny (still high on my wishlist) and the peninsula between Holy Loch and Loch Long was superb and justified this tour.
I cracked on up this vertical, far too long hill to it topped out on 165 meters above sea level. It was a very hot day. There was some hairy descents and another climb on the other side of the hill before I reached the cross road to Arrochar and Garelochhead. I took the road back down to Garelochhead and returned back to Helensburgh.


This is not the most interesting tour in the area. The out and back again nature is the biggest problem with this tour. The hill from Coulport is also very boring. But the road from Garelochhead past Kilcreggan to Coulport is very good. The road from the peace camp back to Helensburgh is also great. I will probably do this tour again and that in combination with Glen Fruin. I will then add some photos to this tour.
But this tour alone is not too bad.