A tour around Kilmacolm

22. January 2012
45 km

The surprisingly early start of the year continued with the third ride of the year. I managed to oversleep by two hours so it was already sunny outside when I woke up. I was in a bit of a hurry to get anything out of the day and I did not have any set plan for this ride. But a quick consultation with Google Maps while eating a small breakfast made my mind up. It had to be a repeat of the Finlaystone Rd ride from last year with a small variation over Kilmacolm Golf Course and Kilannan Road.

It was a sunny, but windy day when I set off from Paisley towards Renfrew. I made good progress on this flat road until I reached Renfrew. I took the road towards Inchinnan. The north-west headwind gave me some problems. But I reached more sheltered terrain after the big roundabouts outside Inchinnan and I made good progress to Bishopton from where I started on the Old Greenock Road towards Langbank. The road climbed steady for some hundred meters up to a country club.

On the Old Greenock Road looking towards the Clyde River and Dumbarton to the right

The road towards Langbank and the Gleddoch House Golf Course was pretty undulating all the way before the big hill just after Gleddoch GC. I overtook a couple of horses with riders just before the steepest bit of this climb. The horses did not like my presence that much. It was also starting to rain here and the horses was also starting to catch up with me on the climb up to the highest point. What is normally a bit of a rest was a struggle to stay ahead of the horses. But I did just that with some meters to spare. At the top of this climb, I had a look at Gallahill Road and briefly considered shortening my ride by going up that road instead of continuing my original plans. But that is for another ride, though.
The descent down to Finlaystone and the start of the Finlaystone Road was tricky with some zig zags and tricky, loose surface. But I arrived at Finlaystone in good spirit. And so did the rain too. I got some pretty hard rain all the way up Finlaystone Road. A road which is pretty steep at places. But I made it past the two lakes to the top of the hill in good spirit, although pretty wet. The descent down to Kilmacolm was OK. I am a big fan of this village. I am not so big fan of the road between Kilmacolm and Brige Of Weir though so I was very happy to have discovered a small road over the hill, bypassing this road. I was looking for this road while cycling through this village. I found it and climbed this much smaller road past Kilmacolm Golf Course. I was pretty impressed by their fantastic looking greens and fairways. Comparing that to my local council golf course is like comparing day and night. Both the course and the surrounding forests had taken a big hit by the latest storms. It looked like a bomb had hit the forest I was cycling through on Kilannan Road. A very nice, pretty undulating road which took me through an area I had never been through before. I misgeared when changing from fifth to first gear and the chain jumped of and created a bit of a problem. I had to take of the wheel and manually reset the gear. But that was no problem and the sun was starting to make an appearance again.
I reached Houston again at the end of Kilannan Road and continued the now familiar road between Houston and Inchinnan over the flatlands and under the M8 motorway and railway. My speed was good. I normally goes over Inchinnan again here. But I had not done the ride over Glasgow Airport since 1995 so I did that instead. More flat roads around the airport runway followed before I reached a big roundabout I had problems with in 1995. But not this time. It was negotiated without much of a problem. I was in Paisley five minutes later and continued home again after a very nice bikeride.


Another very good bikeride in my local area. It is medium hard with a couple of short, steep climbs and therefore excellent for serious training. The Kilannan Road itself is pretty undulating and is excellent fun. And so is this ride too. It is recommended.