A ride on the upper half of the Lier valley

August 1982 (??)
30 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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I spent my childhood in Tranby, Lier in Norway. The first 20 years or so to be precise. I was starting to explore my local area with a pretty horrendous Apache bike. It was as bad road bike as possible. But it did it's job for me on small tours like this and I am grateful towards it.
I have always been an explorer. Both then and in particular now. Not the likes of the North Pole as one of my friends from that time is touring to and from these days. But much more my local areas, wherever I live. In the beginning, that was the Lier valley. My parents was not into exploring the local roads so it was left to me to stake out my own path on these roads. After a tour to and from Sylling with my parents & sieblings (where my sister managed to sleep off and crash into my mother's bike who was carrying my small brother on her bike too. Nobody was hurt, but mayhem followed), I wanted more. I first went to Asker the opposite way (see the Asker tour) before I undertook this tour.

I started out on a Sunday with my Apache bike. My clothes were the normal training clothes, t-shirt, normal shoes, no helmet and just a small bottle of drink. The times has thankfully moved on. I now use proper gear and drink. I started with the Gamle Ringeriksveien dirt track down the hill before the road joined the main road at the Nordal school. The ride up to Sorsdal and the crossroad there was pretty flat. I enjoyed it. At Sorsdal crossroad, I took the vertical descent down Amotveien to the Lier river and the vertical climb up again to a small plateau before a small climb took me up to Sjaastad again. The big climb from Sjaastad to the now closed down Gifstad retirement home followed. This was a new discovery to me and I took it all in. The road followed the hillside up the valley and were a bit undulating and then fell down to the Kanada Tronstad crossroad. My tempo was not great, but I enjoyed the ride. The best part of the ride was/is the ride up this pretty steep hill over Kanada and Solberg over to Sylling. Very undulating, but still a very interesting ride. After some really good riding, I was at the Vikersund Sylling crossroad where I continued down to Sylling. I had a long pitstop at a family in Sylling before I continued towards my parents house in Tranby again. The road past Asdol to Sorsdal is actually a pretty good climb although it seems totally flat when driving a car. On my bike, the progress was pretty slow up to Sorsdal where the road fell down to Nordal on a flat to a small descent. From Nordal, I took the road up to Tranby again on the same dirt track as I used on my way out. I was both happy and proud of myself when I came home again.
And so started a life as a bikerider....... I repeated this ride many times. Mostly when I borrowed my sister's racing bike. My own Apache bike was pretty useless on this ride and I soon got my own racing bike. A bike I had for many years.


My first real adventure on a bike and the one that really made me interested in bikeriding. I spent the next years in and around the Lier valley on bikerides. That includes this bikeride too. I would not recommend it though. It is far too one-dimentional with too many vertical climbs from the Lier river to Gifstad. This bikeride is good from Gifstad over Kanada to Sylling, but rather boring from Sylling down to Tranby again. In this area, do the full Lier valley circuit instead of this tour. This is not a recommended tour.