A winterday at Helensburgh Pier

February 2005

Helensburgh are 40 km straight west of Glasgow in Scotland. Click on the Google Maps button below and enter "Helensburgh" in the search field for a map if that is required.

I got a bit of xtra cash in my lap when selling a house in Helensburgh and found out that it was a good idea to treat myself to a digital camera. The camera was an 2 megapixel camera and it served me very well until I bought a new 12 megapixel camera in five years later, in 2010.
Just to test out this camera before paying out 80 for it, I took it down to the Helensburgh Pier and took some photos. I loved the whole digital camera thingy and were happy to shell out the money some minutes after taking these photos.
It was a blustery day and I am not a good in taking pictures, but I still hope these photos are OK. I still got the camera btw.

Towards east

Towards the swimming hall, now demolished

Towards west and the Kilcreggan peninsula

The Kilcreggan peninsula and Gourock to the left

The waterfront in Helensburgh and towards west on the mainroad to Rhu