To Heggedal and back

Summer 1984 (& several repeats)
35 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. I forgot to bring a camera on the repeats too. So no pictures. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
Enter "Lierskogen" in the search field & Google Earth for xtra pictures

I spent my childhood in Tranby, Lier in Norway. The first 20 years or so to be precise. I was starting to explore my local area with a pretty good racing bike. Bought cheap and the wheels were pretty bad. But it did it's job for me. One of the first ever proper bike rides I did, my third ever proper tour, was this tour over Asker and Heggedal. It is fair to say that this tour lit a flame in my which has yet to die. Hence, I give this bikeride the credit it deserves.

It was a sunny morning when I started the tour by cycling over the pretty busy RV 285 from Tranby to Damtjern where I took the road up the hill past Modulbygg (now a big pharmacy factory) and past what is now Liertoppen shopping centre. The hill up to Modulbygg was pretty hard. The descent down to Lierskogen pretty good. The hill over Heiatoppen to Ulventjern was hard too. The road over the small lakes to the descent down to Asker was pretty funny bikeriding and I enjoyed it. The descent down to Asker pretty hairy. I was soon in Asker where some mapreading were required. I found the road up from Asker towards Heggedal. This 7 km long road is very undulating all the way. In particular when you are an untrained and inexperienced teenager. A good rhythm was difficult to find. The descent down to Heggedal was pretty funny and the views over to Vardaasen a real treat.
This road from Heggedal to Dikemark starts with a pretty steep hill from Heggedal though and that climb had an Alpine mountain roads character for the first hundred meters with a vertical drop to a lake to the right. Unfortunate, or rather fortunate, this road has now been improved a lot since then. It is not that brutal any longer. But I was hugely impressed back then by this road. The rest of the road is also pretty steep with a couple of descents over a small river inbetween the climbs. The last bit is vertical up to a small shop (which may have closed down now). The road past the Dikemark mental hospital (now closed) alongside some small lakes was both flat and funny. A small hill took me up to the road back over Heiatoppen & Lierskogen back home again. I was very happy with this tour.


Bypassing all nostalgia and misty eyes; this short bikeride is actually a small little gem. The scenery is superb too. The only small problem is the pretty heavy traffic past Asker. The Heggedal to Dikemark road is still one of my favorites in this area and a must do. It is very scenic all the way with the big mountain wall (much used by climbers) called Vardaasen straight in your face.
This bikeride is recommended.