The Gallahill Road tour

February 2012
40 km

My cycle season 2012 had started very positive back in January and I was eager to continue this trend. February had a lot of bad weather though and the frost returned too. Every sunny day were frosty. So I went for some walks instead on those days. I only got two bikerides that month. This was the final one.

It was an overcast, but mild day when I set off from my flat at 0930 in the morning and down the road to Renfrew. I turned off here and took the road past the northern side of the runway at Glasgow Airport past Inchinnan and over to Bishopton. My body felt very fine and I enjoyed this ride through this village until I got to the Old Greenock Road. I went up this hill, past the country club and onto the undulating road until I reached the road coming over from Houston. I took the road past Gleddoch golf course and hit the beginning of the hillclimb going up to Gallahill. I unbuckled my helmet and started the climb. A nice climb. When reaching the top, I continued until a small crossroad. I took the smaller Gallahill Road up past a very smelly farm to the foot of the main climbs of the day. I went up this pretty vertical hill.

Looking down Gallahill Rd towards the Clyde River and Helensburgh in the distance

The climb was very steep, but short. I reached the top and continued down a pretty vertical descent. The road was vet and had some loose gravel. I descended into the valley with caution. The ride out this valley was OK and I soon reached the main road down to Houston again. The road down to Houston was OK, but I was aware of potential ice patches and kept a slow tempo here.
I reached the outskirts of Houston which I bypassed to the left over the parish kirk and I promptly got lost. But after some head scratching, I found the road leading me back towards Inchinnan. I followed this road to the motorway and railwaybridges until I reachd a crossroad. The wind was pretty hard so I decided to go on the new road past the Rolls Royce factory after some crisscrossings. A very vice choice, it turned out and this is going to be a road I will do on a more frequent basis from now on. The road took me through Renfrew and home again.


A short, but sweet tour with 15 km of flat road to start and end with. The 10 km middle section is very hilly though. This is a ride I may do again next year. The road from the top of Gallahill Road is a bit dodgy so please be aware. Besides of that, this is a good bikeride.