Finnemarka Rundt

June 1985
110 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid.


I believe this is the first ever big tour over 100 km I have ever done. It is such a pity that this tour is such a bore. That is why I have only done this tour once.....
I am born and bred in Lier. So when I was starting to explore my local area and really got this cycling tour bug, this tour was on the top of my list from the beginning. It was a challenge I could not turn down and a natural evolution. After some shorter 35 km to 80 km tours, I felt ready for this tour.

I believe I did not sleep well the night before this tour. I never sleep well before a big tour and I am afraid this is one of my weaknesses. I set up Lierdalen towards Sylling and the hills past this village. I then took the road towards Vikersund alongside Tyrifjorden. The cycling was pretty good, but my memories are pretty vague. I do remember the bit past Vikersund because the cycling from Vikersund to Hokksund was pretty boring. A bit up and down on roads with heavy traffic. Not fun at all. The road past Hokksund to Drammen was even worse. Dead flat and with a lot of traffic. There is thankfully now an own cycle road from Hokksund to Drammen along the river. But I had problems with traffic ligths and the very stop-start type of cycling. I was glad to finally reach Drammen and the hills back to my parents house again.


I have only done this tour once. I have not even considered doing it more times. The lack of fun and challenges is the reason why. But if you want a 100+ km tour with no major hills, this is the right tour. But the tour through Drammen is no fun at all. I do not rate it and I will never do this tour again.