The Fenwick Moor Circuit

April 2012
70 km

I had wanted to do this bikeride for a long time. Since last year, in fact. But my parents was supposed to visit me and I thought it was a bad idea to have an accident and end up in hospital. So I left it for this year. This route was still there and unfinished. The weather was not nice either, but it fitted perfectly this not so long bikeride. I preferred to do longer bikerides in better weather instead of short ones like this one. With heavy skies overhead, I went for this bikeride.

I woke up to a pretty grey day and made myself ready for this bikeride. I cycled over the golf course from my flat and past the mental asylum up to Barrhead where I took the road through the narrow canyon down to Lugton. I was in good shape on this road which I now know very well due to pretty frequent use. The climb over to the terraces on the road down to Dunlop went fine and I admired the spectacular views here on my ride down to Dunlop. I continued through this village and down to Stewarton five kilometers down the road. It is a long time since I have done the road down to Kilmaurs though. Well, eight months ago. I got a bit surprise how hard this road was. But I arrived in Kilmaurs after twenty minutes of bikeriding. I continued down towards Kilmarnock. I felt a bit tired and decided to go to a Greggs bakery and get a sandwich before doing the road over Fenwick Moor. A wise choice because I felt a lot better when I started the ride up to Fenwick again. That did not take me long to cover the road up to this village and I was happy with my progress. I went over to A77 and continued on the cycle lane alongside this deserted road. The motorway some meters away from A77 has taken all it's traffic and has left a paradise for us bikeriders. The bikeride over Fenwick Moor on A77 is a brilliant ride.

Looking down towards the hidden Fenwick and Kilmarnock from just below the top of the climb up to Fenwick Moor

After crossing under the motorway again, I arrived at the top of this climb, approx 200 meters above sea level. The ride down towards Newton Mearns was nice. When switching over to the small road over Balgray Reservoir (as per usual), I was hit by a cold rainshower and that made the descent pretty hairy. I did not like it at all. But I made it down to Barrhead and my flat again without any problems after a short, but great ride.


A very good ride and one I will do many more times. I like the ride over Fenwick Moor from Kilmarnock. Due to the opening of M77 and the disuse of A77, this road has become a bikerider's paradise now. The ride down to Kilmarnock is also great. This is a great, but also a hard ride. It offers constant work on the bike. The only descents here are the one down from Fenwick Moor towards Barrhead. The rest of the ride is pretty hard work and demands a lot from the bikerider. This is a highly recommended bikeride though.