A tour to Edinburgh Castle

October 2007

All pictures taken by my sister Kristin

My sister and brother visited me in Paisley during a weekend in 2006. They stayed for three days and we did some travelling around the local area. Mostly to the local shopping centres. Braehead outside Paisley is one of the best shopping centres I have ever seen. But we also went the 50 miles/80 km to Edinburgh one Sunday morning with return the same way. The very comfortable train journey across the central belt of Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh only lasted for around 45 minutes in splendid comfort. These trains are the best trains I have ever taken and I do take them on a regular basis. These trains are light years better than the trains down in England.
We finally arrived in Edinburgh and went straight for the steep hills to Edinburgh Castle . We then circled around the castle and went for some shopping and something to eat before we returned back to Glasgow again the same way. The following pictures is from our walk around Edinburgh.

Just outside the railway station towards the castle (hidden behind)

Climbing the stairs to the Royal Mile and the castle

The top of the Royal Mile

Edinburgh Castle where the annual Tattoo is being prepared

Overlooking Edinburgh from the castle

From the castle towards the mountain called Arthur's Seat.

After turning a bend and walking down some stairs, looking back again to the castle and to where the last picture was taken.

The castle walls from below

Me and the castle in the background

I hope my sister and brother liked Edinburgh. Do I recommend Edinburgh, Scotland's capitol ? It is one of the best places in the British Isles and perhaps the finest city in the whole of United Kingdom and Ireland. It's main attraction is the fantastic castle. But there is a lot of other places to visit too. I really like Edinburgh and recommend it as one of the must-see cities in Europe. Please visit the links above for more info.