A nice round of golf at the Dullatur Antonine GC

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August 2008

This too is a tour...... with a difference.
I worked in a computer company in Greenock when I took up golf. That saved my life because I was then 180 kg heavy and dying. I was bitten by the golf bug and rapidly lost a lot of weight. That saved my life. Scientific research has now proven that golf is a very good form of physical training.
I soon gave up the notion to become a good golfer. I am playing some competitions, but my whole idea of golf is to get a long, healthy life. I play golf because I want to become old & happy.
I was not entirely new to golf. I had been playing the Links computer golf game for almost ten years before I took up golf in real life. I had also been hanging out on the LinksCorner forum for ages. Two of the members there (Paul Seaman and Big Stewart) had recreated the Dullatur Antonine course for links. I liked the course. My mouth is bigger than my brain. I was therefore challenged by Big Stewart to play the course in real life. He called it the LinksCorner Open.

This is why I found myself walking down to Paisley with my golf bag and the bus to Glasgow one Sunday morning in August. I found the bus to Glasgow and proceeded to the concert hall in Glasgow where I was picked up by Big Stewart and his car.
Dullatur is approx 20 km north of Glasgow and the journey took us through countless roundabouts before we ended up at the very nice Dullatur GC clubhouse. Big Stewart very kindly gave me a sleeve of new balls and a course guide. I was pretty nervous due to my bragging in LinksCorner about my “skills” as a golfer. As a 25 handicapper, I am a pretty dubious golfer. I soon found out that the Dullatur Antonine golf course is a very tricky golf course which require some shots I have yet to learn. Big Stewart kindly gave me some advice and tutorials.

The course is best described at the official The Dullatur Golf Club homepage. The official and very extensive photo gallery from the course is found at at this album.
My own photos is merely some low quality shots which reflects my personal experience from this course and the afternoon I spent there.
After Big Stewart lent me his son's golf trolley, we set off for the first tee. I was nervous as hell and managed to find the rough with my tee-shot (expletives removed).

The first fairway at hole 1.

This page is not a report about golf. It is a tour report from a day around this golf course. But just for the record: Big Stewart won the competition by many country miles. My score was probably around 110s strokes. But who cares ? The following photos is from this round of golf and I let them speak for themselves. Some of them are probably out of sequence. I refer to the official golf club photo album for a proper course guide

A downhill hole and more trouble for me.

One of the well protected greens.

Big Stewart at probably the 6th hole.

Big Stewart and a downhill hole (7th ?) where my lack of skills was exposed to everyone.

Yes, the 8th hole is as difficult in real life as in the computer version.

Me at the 9th hole tee. I have finally gotten the left arm straightened out.

The both scary and funny 11th hole. Big Stewart auditioning for the new Lawrence Of Arabia film in the background.

Probably the 12th hole on the climb up again to the club house

One of the last holes

We returned to the club house and a beer after the round. Big Stewart kindly drove me home again. I owe him a big THANK YOU a round at one of the good courses in Ayrshire and I hope I will be able to do it this year.
I really like this course and the golf club. It seems like they have something great going here.
The golf course is very good. It is also very hilly. In my books, that's a very good thing. I like courses with a blend of hillwalking and golf. Mainly because of both the golf and the scenery that normally surround courses like that.
Comparing the real life course and the computer version Paul Seaman and Big Stewart has created, I would like to congratulate them for a superb job. I was too lazy to play the course again on my computer to get the holes right. But I had done this, I am sure I would had got them right.

This was a very nice round of golf and a good reason to continue to play golf. I am rated 50 million places below Tiger Woods on the world ranking, but golf courses like this still makes golf a very funny and healthy activity. I cannot recommend golf highly enough.