The Drammensfjorden Rundt touring bike ride

August 1985
60 km + 20 km to and from the start = 80 km

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I spent my childhood in Tranby, Lier in Norway. The first 20 years or so to be precise. The tour ride Drammensfjorden Rundt was an annual social and bikeride event which was and still is very popular. The 2011 version is the 44th time it has been arranged and it is a superb event for the whole family. It is an untimed event and you can spend the whole day on it if you want. My family has never been into bikeriding and this ride was never on our calendar. I guess I am still the only one in my family to have done this ride. It was a social event too with many thousands of participants every year and there was a social pressure to do this ride. I have always gone my own ways so that never bothered me. But I felt it would be good to do this event once in my lifetime.

I started the day by cycling down the 10 km from my parent's house to Bragernes Torg in Drammen. I paid the starting fee and got some route advice. I believe the route out of Drammen was well marked and mainly traffic free. A couple of closed off streets ? I cannot remember. But I kept up the speed over Lierstranda where the route took us over a local road which I did not even know about at that time. I have never been there since either so that was a good route choice by the local cycling club which arranged this ride. There was a lot of other bikeriders too which kept their own tempo. I held a steady tempo past Gullaug and the rather undulating road past Hyggen and out the fjord proper.
I stopped for some juice and icecream at the kiosk at the Grimsrud campsite. I also met some ex classmates of mine there. Two girls I fancied and I tried to impress them. So I continued out the fjord again to the biggest hills of the day; the hills taking everyone in this bikeride up inland to the crossroad at Asheim. This climb is pretty brutal and I joined the que of people pushing and walking their bikes up this hill. We reached the top of this hill and the descent down to Asheim. We then took the road to the right to Verket. This descent is pretty vertical down to this small ferryport and the cycling club had marshalls there trying to get people to slow down. Hopefully, they still does this because this descent is a potential killer for kids and others. So a big plus to this cycling club for their work here.

We reached the small ferry at Verket taking us over to Svelvik after getting our cards marked and the confirmation that we had been through this checkpoint. The ferry ride was only five minutes long or so. I met up with a couple of relatives here and a small competition developed on the flat road in the fjord to Drammen again. Where the road on the other side of fjord were undulating, this road is flat as a pancake. The twenty kilometers or so went very fast in a tempo style. I soon reached Drammen again and got my bronze button as a proof that I had completed this ride. I made my way back up from Drammen again to my parents house again, very happy with this ride.


I regard this Drammenfjorden Rundt bikeride as an excellent event and both suitable for families and single bikeriders. The bikeride is not particular challenging and the ques can be a bit of a bother if you are not a social person. I prefer my rides on my own and in my own company. But it is a very nice day out and the local newspaper and the cycle club who every year arrange Drammensfjorden Rundt deserves a massive amount of credit and thank you's for their fine job and arrangement.
Even outside the arrangement and on any day of the spring/summer/fall; this is an excellent bikeride which should be attempted if you live in this area. It is highly recommended on both accounts.