A quick tour over the river to Dalmuir GC

November 2007

This too is a tour...... with a difference.
I worked in a computer company in Greenock when I took up golf. I was then morbid obese and dying. Thankfully, I soon got bitten by the golf bug and rapidly lost a lot of weight. That saved my life.
I soon gave up the notion to become a good golfer. I am playing some competitions, but my whole idea of golf is to get a long, healthy life. I play golf because I want to become old & happy.
Dalmuir GC is on the north side of River Clyde, 15 km west of Glasgow and 2 km west of Clydebank. It does not have an official website. Not even an unofficial fan website. This report is probably the only website dedicated to this golf course. Which is a great shame !!

I heard a lot about Dalmuir GC when I took up golf. It is one of the best golf courses in the Glasgow area. Most of all, it has a reputation as both very hilly and very difficult. A real challenge in other words. Up to last year, I did not feel that my game was good enough for this course. But the green fee is under a tenner for a student (which I was when I played it) and the bus costs around three pounds return. I therefore decided to give this beast a try.

The weather was perfect when I took the 0700 bus from Paisley to Dalmuir. The bus was full of people going to work. My golf bag and trolley was not particular welcome. The bus stopped everywhere and did all the detours possible before crossing the Erskine Bridge over to the north side of River Clyde. I jumped off at Dalmuir after an hour long bus journey.

The usual disclaimer: This page is not a report about golf. It is a tour report from a day around this golf course which is criminally ignored on the web. But just for the record: This very difficult course was one bridge too far for my level and the score of 127 strokes is a good reflection of my level at that time.
The following photos is from this round of golf and I let them speak for themselves.

The first fairway at hole 1.

The course is divided into two parts. The holes left of the stream and the gully which crosses the course and the holes to the right. The left part is reasonable flat compared to the very hilly holes on the right of the gully.

From one of the holes on the left of the gully.

A par 3 crossing the stream and the lower part of the gully.

The path down from this tee was very steep and almost dangerous, although some safety measures had been made with a proper path. The descent down to the stream was still a bit scary though.

Climbing the hill on the right side of the stream. The club house in the background to the left.

The very scary & infamous 14th hole (par 3) over the gully.

The 14th hole has given Dalmuir a reputation and stays long in the memories of those who have ever played the course. I lost two balls here before I managed to get a ball into play. On the vertical path down to the gully from the tee, my trolley gave up the ghost and broke into two parts. I am not joking ! That hill down to the gully is a killer. So is the hill up to the 15th hole too. In my case; with the golf bag over my shoulder. Dalmuir GC is one of the golf courses where golf trolley is not recommended due to the vertical fairways and paths.

Myself, slightly shaken & stirred after all this mountaineering.

From the right side of the gully, overlooking the holes on the other side

The 18th hole and the course from the club house.

Well, all good things has to end and I said my farewells to the very nice staff and the very fit regular players here (and a sincere “get a life” wish to the squirrels and crows who stole three of my best balls). If this was my home course, I would probably be very fit too. This is a very hilly golf course and a joy to play. Being a municipal course, this course is not on the golf tourists map. Which is good for us locals. I think you will have difficulties finding any parkland course in Scotland, Great Britain or Europe as good as this for under £ 15 a round. It is that good.

I returned back to Paisley after an uplifting tour and went straight to a shop to get myself a new trolley and some fitness books.

I am rated 50 million places below Tiger Woods on the world ranking, but golf courses like this still makes golf a very funny and healthy activity. I also believe Mr. Woods would had enjoyed this course. I do recommend this course to all fit men & women. I will do some fitness training before I give it another try. This course and the London Marathon is my fitness objectives this year.