Cycletours in the Oslo area.

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Tour # 5. Hurumlandet rundt. 140 km.
Tour # 6. Nordmarka rundt. 175 km.

Tour # 5.
Hurumlandet rundt.
140 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 600 meters.
Highest point: Liertoppen 230 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Moderate.
Severity Rating: ****
Fun Rating: *****

How to get to Sandvika:
Train from Oslo 4-6 times an hour.
This is a real gem of a tour. This tour follows the Hurum peninsula in the Oslofjord basin. The small roads is not particular busy. There is some steep and medium hard climbs along the route. In my view, this is a serious tour with few easy parts. Most of the cycling is very technical. This is the most scenic cycle route in the Oslo area and a must do if you base yourself in Oslo. Shops at Sandvika, Slemmestad, Åros, Tofte, Gullaug, Liertoppen and Asker.

The road out of Sandvika flat goes past IKEA (a big warehouse) and down to Nesbru. Follow the road to Slemmestad over some small hills along the fjord. The view to Oslo is very good. At Slemmestad, take the small road over Nærsnes to Åros. This road is hilly with a vertical climb in the beginning. After fifteen kilometers, you are at a crossroad. Take the road down the valley to Åros and the fjord again. The road from Åros to Sætre and Storsand is quite flat. Take the road to Tofte from Sætre. The road start to climb from Storsand over a 190 meters above sea level hill before it drops down to the fjord again at Hvidsten. The road is quite flat until Filtvedt where road climbs over a small hill to Tofte. Stunning view over the outer Oslo fjord area from the pier. Stock up with drink because the next thirty kilometers are quite hard. The road climbs through a small canyon from Tofte up to a hill where the road drops down again until it reach a new climb. The road is not to bad from this part until it reaches a crossroad. Take the road towards Drammen. There is a sharp and steep climb after this crossroad before the road falls down to Drammensfjorden. The next thirty kilometers is rather flat and very scenic. The road climbs a bit at Lahell before it falls down to Gullaug. At the next crossroad, take the road to Tranby and Lierkroa. The road is dead flat for two kilometers. At Lierkroa (food and drink), the road climbs steady up to Liertoppen. This climb is very scenic though with excellent views over Drammen and Lier. The road flattens out at a small lake. At the next roundabout, take the road to Asker. The road goes past Liertoppen shopping mall and flat past some lakes over to Asker. From Asker, take the road down to Nesbru and Sandvika.

Tour # 6.
Nordmarka rundt.
175 km.
Approx. total hill climb: 600 meters.
Highest point: Sollihøgda 385 meters above sea level.
Traffic: Moderate.
Severity Rating: *****
Fun Rating: ****

How to get to Oslo:
Planes from the whole world.
This is probably one of the hardest and most interesting day-tours in the Oslo area. The tour is not that hilly, but the length of the tour and the relentless climbs makes this to a hard tour. There are some great scenery along most of the route. In particular from Jevnaker to Sollihøgda. Shops at Nittedal, Harestua, Roa, Jevnaker, Sandvika and Oslo.

Follow the busy RV 4 towards Gjøvik over down the hill again to Nittedal. The road is reasonable flat up the valley to Harestuvannet (a lake). Follow the old road over Harestuvannet and up a small hill to Grua. Beware of elk, badgers and fox along the road. At Grua, the road falls down a hill to Roa. At Roa, take the old road over the hill to Jevnaker. The climb is quite vertical in the beginning, but it flattens out after three kilometers. The views are quite good along the road and very good when it starts to fall down to Jevnaker. The descent is long with a nasty crossroad at the end. Beware ! The road to Jevnaker is flat. Take the RV 241 up a steep hill. The road climbs steady up to a church before it falls down again to Norderhov. Follow the cycle paths along the busy road towards Oslo. After a bridge over the fjord, take the cycle path over Nes. After five kilometers, the road starts to climb up to Sollighøgda. The views are spetacular along this long climb. At Skaret, take the road to Oslo and over Sollihøgda. The road falls down towards Sandvika. Take the road over Bryn from Sanvika to Oslo.