A walk around Great Cumbrae, Scotland

April 2009
10 km

My parents visited me in Paisley at the Easter holidays, 2009. It is a tradition in my family, and in Norway, that we always do a tour during Easter. Skiing, that is. But the lack of snow in Scotland meant that I had to find another type of tour. Walking is the best alternative. I cycled around Great Cumbrae as a part of the Clyde Coast tour last year (see the Clyde Coast tour/button) and I noticed this island. As I wrote back then; I wished I had walked this road instead of cycle it. My wish came through and I decided to take my parents around this road. A popular choice, according to my parents.

The tour started with an one and an half hour long bus over the Clyde peninsula and over the mountain to Largs. The weather was very good. We took the first ferry to the northern tip of Great Cumbrae.

The ferry arriving at Largs.

The ferry crossing took around ten minutes. four kilometres long road to Millport is pretty boring so we took the bus from the ferry to Millport. We stopped over for some food and souvenirs. This village is one of the more scenic villages in Scotland and my parents was pretty happy about my choice of the Easter-tour. So far, so good.....

We started to walk over a small hill and down towards the southern point of Great Cumbrae, overlooking Isle Of Arran and Little Cumbrae .
The weather was OK, though the fog over the mountains of Isle Of Arran obscured this fantastic view. I regard this view as some of the best mountain sceneries in the Clyde area. See the Millport tour report (the Millport button to the left) for these pictures.

My parents and the Millport in the background.

The mountains at Arran from the same place as the picture of this webpage.

We soon turned the south-west corner and headed up the west-side of Great Cumbrae. The road was both flat and easy to walk. We talked amongst ourselves and admired the nature. We were looking over to Kilchattan Bay, Mount Stuart and Ascog at Isle Of Bute, the Rothesay Wemyss Bay ferries, Toward Lighthouse and the Cowal Peninsula towards Dunoon . The views was good. The pictures below is from this walk.

My parents trying to leave me behind.

The Royal Navy memory cairn for both the Great War and WW2.

A troll overlooking the road.

Looking back down the west coast.

Looking back towards Isle Of Arran and Isle Of Bute.

The view towards Isle Of Bute and Rothesay (hidden).

We reached the north-west corner of the island after one hour nice and easy walk in each company and with some detours to the beach and looking at the local fauna. The road turned towards east again along the north-coast. The mainland around Wemyss Bay soon came into view.

The view towards the Cowal Peninsula and Wemyss Bay from the north-coast.

After some hundred meters which seemed to go on for a bit around two bays, we reached the north-east corner of the island and the homeward leg. Largs came into view again.

The view towards Largs from the north-east corner.

My parents trying to leave me behind again with the ferry and Largs in the background.

We soon reached the ferry again and the bus in Largs. The one and a half hour bus journey home was a droll and we all agreed it was a very nice two hours long journey around Great Cumbrae.

This is an excellent early spring walk when the mountains are too wet and too cold. It is even very nice during the summer, although too crowded. I would therefore recommend early spring as the right time for this tour. I have just learnt that the fishing from the shore is pretty good along this walk and I will bring my fishing rod next time I do it. Probably next Easter again. My parents liked I and I liked it. It is hereby recommended.