A tour over Gleniffer to Caldwell GC & Neilston

23. January 2012
35 km

The Kilannan Road ride the day before had gone well. I gave my bike a good cleaning the same night before I planned the bikeride the day after. Up and over Gleniffer it had to be.

It was a sunny and substantial less windy day when I set off from my flat and down to Paisley. I chose to cycle up High Street and over Ferguslie to Elderslie and the start of the climb up to Gleniffer at King's Road. I have never done this road before and it looked good at Google Earth. The first part was pretty steep before a big flat bit over a farmfield appeared. A pretty vertical zig zag road through a forest took me up to the next farmfield. The road descended a bit here before the final vertical climb up to the Gleniffer moor. The whole climb was enjoyable.

From the top of this hillclimb looking towards the snowcapped mountains between Kilbirne and Largs

The road from the top of this climb to the Gleniffer Road, the main road, was pretty undulating too. But I reached the mainroad after this good ride. There was almost no traffic on this normally very busy road. I normally do this road the opposite way so going down to the south. A welcome glimpse of Ayrshire followed before I reached the foot of a small climb which took me up to a small farm. This climb, much feared by me when descending it due to the dangerous wind here, was pretty good and without any problems. The descent down to Caldwell Road halfway down to Lugton was pretty good. I was a bit worried about my brakes, but they were OK. They got a thorough test when a car shot out into the road in the front of me. After avoiding a crash, I turned of Gleniffer Road and took the Caldwell Road towards Caldwell Golf Course. A dog gave chase outside a farm, but soon gave up when he/she had succesfully defended the property against me. I made this dog very happy. I passed Caldwell Golf Club and my return point of the ride.

My return took me up a steep climb to Uplawmoor village. A very scenic village. The ride from Uplawmoor to Neilston is a brilliant ride, high above the valley floor below and with a good view towards Gleniffer itself. This is one of the most scenic roads in this area. The climb up to Neilston not as hard as it was last year. I am in a far better shape than anticipated. Shocking.
I took the vertical descending Neilston Road down to and through Barrhead to my home again after a very good ride.


Another very good bikeride in my local area. The climb over Gleniffer, topping out at over 200 meters over sea level, makes this a harder than normal ride. The ride over Uplawmoor Village is the best part of the ride. The climb up to Neilston pretty hard. It is a recommended ride though.