Around Blaafjellet my final tour with Knut

March 1994

Map borrowed from Hodlekve Ski Centre.

I spent all my easter holidays from I was born until I moved to Scotland mostly in Sogndalsdalen at a farm with my grand parents. I did a lot of long skiing back then on my own or with with my family. One of the more frequent tours was the Blaafjellet tour. Either directly up from my uncle's farm and down again or from Hodlekve and return down to my uncle's farm. I don't remember much of this tour, but I will try to piece together most of it in this report.

The weather was not the best, when I, my uncle, my aunt and my cousin Johannes started from Hodlekve Ski center by taking the ski lift to the top of the ski lift. A substantial climb still awaited us. The weather was not the best, but it was safe to proceed and that we did. The climb was easy going, but prett monotonous.

Looking back down the hill

We reached the big moor around Blaafjellet at around 1350 meters above sea level and continued past it to the far end of this big moor towards the western edge of it. The light was flat and difficult. I had a fall there due to bad light but without damaging anything but my pride.

At Blaafjellet # 1

At Blaafjellet # 2

Looking back towards Selseng

The worsening weather forced us down towards the valley again. A long descent followed to the valley in thick snow and fog. A delightful experience. We all reached home safe and well.


This was probably my final long skiing tour in the Norwegian mountains and the closure of a chapter in my life, although I did not know it back then. What I remember this tour mostly for is that it was my last ever tour with my uncle Knut. I moved to Scotland and he got cancer some years later and passed away. Hence my inclusion of this tour here as my tribute to Knut. A man fit as a fiddle but still a cancer victim. Hence my life long campaign against this illness.