A winterday in Barshaw Park, Renfrewshire Scotland

January 2010

Barshaw Park are 10 km south west of Glasgow in Scotland. Click on the Google Maps button below and enter "Barshaw Park, Glasgow Road, Paisley" in the search field for a map if that is required.

I moved to Renfrew in 2006 and took up golf at Barshaw Golf Course (see my golf page) the same year. I also played through the winter. But the 2009-10 winter was very harsh with a lot of snow so golf was off the menu. The Christmas was bit too fatty so I needed to loose weight. Hence some long walks. One of these walks included a walk around the golf course with my camera and some good shoes. I walked altogether over two hours and approx 6-7 km that day for fun and as fat burning. This was also my last ever photos with my old 2 megapixel camera. I purchased a 12 mega pixel camera a couple of days later. Enjoy the photos.

Our not so good club house

15th green

6th hole

High rises in Gallowhill


6th hole again at the tee


5th green

4th green

10th hole and Glasgow

4th hole, the medal tees

17th hole, the green with a snowman

The swans at the fishing dam, wishing they had taken up the Easy Jet's winter break offers instead.