A tour to Bangor

April 2003

All pictures taken by my mother Svanhild

My parents visited me in Belfast during the 2003 Easter Holiday. They stayed for a week in Belfast and had a very special experience, according to themselves. Northern Ireland was just recovering from a 30 years long civil war and we visited a lot of the historic places. We also took a tour to the idyllic small village on the south of Belfast Lough called Bangor. This is an idyllic village with excellent views across to Scotland.
The round started with a thirty minutes train journey along the fjord to Bangor. We then walked ten minutes down the street to the harbour and took in the fresh air and admired the views. We also did some shopping here.

The harbour and the pier looking towards south

The harbour, looking towards north and the nice houses there

We then returned home the same way. Bangor is a nice half a day out and it has it's charm. I visited Bangor several times when I lived in Belfast and really liked the place. But it is not a major tourist destination.