My first ever proper bikeride Asker return

Summer 1983 (??)
20 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. I forgot to bring a camera on the repeats too. So no pictures. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
Enter "Lierskogen" in the search field & Google Earth for xtra pictures

I spent my childhood in Tranby, Lier in Norway. The first 20 years or so to be precise. I was starting to explore my local area with a pretty horrendous Apache bike. It was as bad road bike as possible. But it did it's job for me on small tours like this and I am grateful towards it.
I have always been an explorer. Both then and in particular now. Not the likes of the North Pole as one of my friends from that time is touring to and from these days. But much more my local areas, wherever I live. It all started with this tour.....
The tour started with the run over to Damtjern and under the busy motorway before taking up the pretty hard hill past Modulbygg to what is now a big shopping mall (but back then a run down yellow farm building and a small, smelly lake) and down to Lierskogen again. I knew this area well already. I was not that familiar with the road over to Asker so the adventure started with the pretty nasty hill up to Heiatoppen and down to Ulvenvannet again. I was here on totally unknown territory. A small hill followed before reaching the crossroad between Asker and Dikemark. I continued down towards Asker past another small lake called Nordvannet and then up a small hill again to a hill overlooking Asker and particular; Oslo, the capitol of Norway. A long descent took me down to Asker.

I am not sure how I found the return road again, the Gamle Drammensveien. This is long time ago... almost 30 years. But I found it and it started with a vertical wall of tarmac. I walked the bike up this hill where I was met with a nice, flat road. That idyll did not last long. A very steep section of the road followed. Steep, long and very hard. Well, for a teenager on an Apache bike. The vertical hill was followed by another flat bit before the road became more undulating again over my favorite fishing lake Padderudvannet. These couple of kilometers is by far the best part of this tour. They ended on Heiatoppen again where I took the road through Lierskogen in the hope to spot the object of my desires at that time (a three years long crush) before I took the old, very steep hill up to Lierskogen Pukkverk, over another hill to Kvaerner and down again to my home again.


Bypassing all nostalgia and misty eyes; this short bikeride is nothing special. The two big hills on the return leg from Asker is pretty boring. But it was my first proper bikeride and we all have to start somewhere. As a first bikeride, it is a good tour. Recommended ? Yes, why not.