Some Music Was Not Meant For Humans.

I think this selfportrait pretty much sums up my last fifteen years......

The Suffering CD

The two GROMS CDs. The first was the original. The second was the repressing

The charges Desecration faced after trying to release a piece of art in United Kingdom.

The Arctic Serenades discography:

SERE 001 Suffering "Sowing The Seeds Of Suffering" CD
SERE 002 GROMS "Aschension" CD
SERE 003 Funeral "Tragedies" CD
SERE 004 The Flesh "Storming The Heaven's Gate" MCD
SERE 005 Desecration "Gore & Perversion" CD
SERE 006 My Garden "Neon Lights" MCD
SERE 007 Vader "Darkest Age -Live '93" CD
SERE 008 Serenade/Harmony "Let Loose The Beauty Within/The Radience From A Star" Split CD
SERE 009 Mordor "Prayer to...." CD
SERE 012 Bugs B Gone "Act Of Rage" CD

Records given a release code, but not released:

SERE 010 V/A "Some Music Was Not Meant For Humans" CD
SERE 011 Cryptal Darkness "Chamber Of Gore" MCD
SERE 013 Cryptal Darkness "Last Cries Of A Dying World" CD
SERE 014 Ashes You Leave "The Passage Back To Life" CD
SERE 015 Malediction "The Millenium Cotillion" CD
SERE 016 Confusion Corporation "tba" CD

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