A hard day's ride along Oslofjorden

Summer 1985 (??)
60 km

I did not have a camera back then, I am afraid. So no pictures. But click on the button below to open up Google Maps.
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I spent my childhood in Tranby, Lier in Norway. The first 20 years or so to be precise. I was starting to explore my local area. I graduated up to a pretty good racing bike and I used many good Sundays on the roads in the local area. I expanded my “territory” more and more by becoming bolder and bolder. I also gained a lot of experience in the art of long distance bike riding. The first rides was not that long, but I was young and pretty untrained. My cycling gear was also pretty poor too. T-shirts and long trousers. The type of clothes that sends cold shivers down my spine....
I had set my sight on this tour after some tours over Spikkestad and Slemmestad.
The tour on this sunny morning started with the run over to Damtjern and under the busy motorway before taking up the pretty hard hill past Modulbygg to what is now a big shopping mall (but back then a run down yellow farm building and a small, smelly lake) and down to Lierskogen again. The road continued over Heiatoppen and Ulvenvannet to a crossroad where I took the road to the right over Dikemark and down to Heggedal. I was feeling fine.
The road out of Heggedal started with a vertical climb up to a couple of small shops where I took the mainroad to the right and down the valley towards Midtbygda and another crossroad. The road down this narrow valley were pretty hairy with a bad road surface. I reached the crossroad and took a rather big, grinding hillclimb up to Midtbygda. So far, I had been on roads I knew. The next part of the tour was pure exploration and new to me. I took the road down from Midtbygda towards Aaros. The road went into a descent alongside a small river. It was a brilliant ride. It ended too soon before the village of Aaros.

From this crossroad, I took the road towards Slemmestad. I expected an easy ride, having nothing but a simple map. This was well before the internet age with MapMyRide and Google Earth. I had never been there before too and noone I knew had been there too. In essence, this was a white dot on my map, unexplored. An exciting time, but it sometimes came up with some nasty surprises. Nasty surprises like the Aaros to Slemmestad road. The road started with a nasty climb which ended with a hairy descent down to a small lake. I remember this road as a road without any horizontal pieces of tarmac whatsoever. It either went down or up. Mostly vertical. Maybe MapMyRide will show up something else. But with my primitive cycling gear, lack of experience and young age, this road took everything out of me. The last hill over and down to Slemmestad was in particular nasty. I was very relieved to be back on familiar roads again and swore never to do that road again on bike. A promise I have kept.
I bypassed Slemmestad on my way in the fjord to the Asker climb at Blakstad. The road is pretty undulating alongside this fjord and the traffic pretty heavy. But I made good progress despite of being very tired. I reached Blakstad and continued up the almost vertical climb to Asker and then again up the climb from Asker to the Dikemark crossroad. I made good progress over Lierskogen back to my parents home again despite of being close to exhausted. I crashed into my bed and a well deserved sleep.


Back then, this was by far my hardest bikeride and on the limits of what I was able to do. That is how I remember this ride, anyway. 25 years later, I still regard this as a pretty serious ride, despite it only being 60 km long. The Aaros to Slemmestad road is a serious road. It is still recommended due to the views alongside Oslofjorden. But don't expect an easy ride.